Wild Rift – Ashe’s Trial Details

New event in Wild Rift has started! See the whole power of AD carry with Ashe’s Trial event. Check out details and rewards below.

Ashe’s Trial Dates

You can see when Ashe’s Trial begins and ends below.

Start – January 26th, 2021 / 00:00:00 UTC
End – January 30th, 2021 / 23:59:59 UTC

During this period you can missions to receive sweet rewards.

Ashe’s Trial Missions and Rewards

Below is the list of all rewards in Wild Rift Ashe’s Trial.

Get 50 takedowns20 Poro Coins
Kill 350 minions or monsters20 Poro Coins
Deal 200,000 damage to enemy champions30 Poro Coins
Destroy 50 turrets with your team30 Poro Coins
Kill 15 dragons with your team40 Poro Coins
Win 10 games50 Poro Coins
Complete all 6 Ashe’s Trial missions10 Poro Coins,
Star of the Stage Icon Star_of_the_Stage_Icon.jpg

You can spend poro coins in gift shop in Wild Rift.

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