Wild Rift Noxian Brotherhood Missions and Rewards

New invent in Wild Rift brings lots of fun and joy. Find your way to play your best with Darius and Draven. Here you will see the list of missions and rewards for taking part and completing Noxian Brotherhood Missions.

Start – December 10th, 2020 / 00:00 UTC
End – December 23rd, 2020 / 00:00 UTC

Above you can see the dates when Noxian Brotherhood missions will be active.

Noxian Brotherhood Missions

So you will see that you can have only 3 active missions during the Noxian event in Wild Rift. All of them will spawn randomly from the list of Missions we share with you below.

To The DeathGet 30 takedowns
Glorious ExecutionPlay 4 gamesGet a 4+ kill streak
Do I Entertain You?Destroy 12 turrets as a team
Slice and DiceKill 500 minions as a teamKill 150 minions
Victory LaurelsWin 3 gamesWin 1 game as a premade team
The SentencingKill 3 Barons as a team
Cut Down In Their PrimeKill 6 dragons as a team
Throwing PowerPlay 4 gamesWin 1 game as a Marksman
Cleave-HoPlay 4 gamesWin 1 game as a Warrior
Unmatched PowerDeal 40,000 damage to enemy championsDeal 5,000 damage to enemy champions within 5 seconds
The Might of the HandPlay 4 gamesCast your ultimate 12 times in a single game
Brotherly LoveEarn 200,000 Gold as a teamEarn 40,000 Gold

If you want to make all of them enter the game every day and make sure to do all three missions or at least make some space for a new mission next day.

Most completed missions will earn you 225 Blue Motes and 1 page of the exclusive comic, Brothers, except for one mission that grants 2 pages! Complete all 12 to finish the story!

Also, please note that comic will be gone when the event ends.

Noxian Brotherhood Rewards

Rewards are doled out based on how many comic pages you’ve unlocked.

350 Poro Coins
7Champion Box (Choose Darius or Draven)
950 Poro Coins
12Icon BorderNoxian_Brotherhood_Icon_Border.png

In addition, you can see some new stuff in the store of Wild Rift:


  • Darius
  • Draven


  • High Noon Darius
  • Academy Darius
  • Primetime Draven
  • Soul Reaver Draven



  • Darius (50% off)
  • Academy Darius
  • High Noon Darius


  • Draven (50% off)
  • Soul Reaver Draven
  • Primetime Draven

Don’t miss a chance and play Wild Rift, which is now active in Europe, Russian and Asia.

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