Wild Rift Ranked Fortitude

In this post, you will find all necessary information about Wild Rift Ranked Fortitude system. Read on to learn more.

What is Ranked Fortitude is Wild Rift?

This is a particular system that measures players behaviour and attitude in Ranked matches in Wild Rift. You can see a bar beneath your Ranked icon that reflects it. IronBronzeSilverGoldPlatinum, and Emerald players who show consistent, impactful play will be rewarded. You can earn Ranked Fortitude by maintaining winstreaks, persevering despite an AFK teammate, or simply playing well.

On the other side, you can also lose your Ranked Fortitude for negative behaviour like quitting mid-game.

How does Wild Rift Ranked Fortitude work?

The better you behave and the better you play the faster you get points into your Ranked Fortitude bar. The bar scales and has a different cap for each tier. You can see them in the table below.


The task is to reach the maximum and secure it. But there is such a thing as halfway point protection. If you have reached halfway points and lose a game you will sacrifice half of the total number of the cap you are in. Meaning that if you had 386 points in Silver after a loss the match is the following: 386-200= 186 points. Also, you’ll get some + points if you did your best in the losing match (pluses for good behaviour).

This process is automatic and you don’t need to warry about anything. Just do your best every match and you’ll be fine.

In addition, there is a rewards system. You can call it a full fortitude win bonus. If you win a game with a full fortitude bar you will get 2 Ranked Marks as a reward.


Once your game finishes, Marks and Fortitude are distributed in the following order:

  1. Ranked Marks
  2. Ranked Fortitude
  3. Ranked Fortitude > Ranked Mark conversion

The number of Fortitude points you get can change form game to game. It depends on different factors. For example, a winstreak, playing with an AFK teammate, or facing a particularly strong team will all net you more Points, while negative behaviour will reduce them. Also, during your promotional series, the fortitude bar will freeze until you pass them.

Why I don’t see Ranked Fortitude bar?

If it hasn’t been displayed yet play some more ranked games to fulfil the placements. When you are determined in a tier you’ll see the fortitude bar after a match. Also, you’ll see why and how many you get for your performance.

If you have had it before there can be two options why you cannot see it any more. First of all, only players from Iron–Emerald can get fortitude points. So if you’ve reached Diamond nice for you, but good-bye for Ranked Fortitude. But hello to Victory points and much interesting stuff that you can read about here.

If you haven’t reached Diamond yet and don’t see Fortitude bar, you must have reached the cap on the number of Fortitude Points you can accrue each week. They will reset next week and you’ll see them again. OR maybe you should better try for Diamond?

If for some reason you fall down in the ladder and dropped to Emerald you’ll see the Ranked Fortitude again.

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