Wildfire Review

Have you ever thought about a platformer game with stealth mechanics and magic? Developers from Sneaky Bastards embodied these ideas in their game called Wildfire. Exciting and dangerous adventures await you because an entire army preys on you!

Wildfire gameplay

Burn them to ashes!

It turns out to be a witch is not so easy. As soon as you learn about your superpowers, the Arch Duchess army attacks your village and burns it to the ground. Fate awaits you no better – they want to burn you at the stake! But it was not there! Instead of turning into a handful of ashes, you gain control of the fire. And now nothing will stop you, well, except that to the teeth armed foes, which prowl around.

Wildfire stats
Wildfire abilities

The game impresses with its diverse and unique levels. In addition to passing it and staying alive, the player is waiting for various basic and bonus tasks. At the same time, they can be performed in various ways, which will allow the player to use his imagination to achieve his cherished goals. Outsmart your enemies, fire or lure them into an ice trap – all this is your choice! The game has a large arsenal of various skills that can also be improved. Plus, meteorite debris is scattered on the levels, which gives additional passive abilities, so keep your eyes open!

Wildfire meteor shard
Wildfire dialogues

Although the game is Singleplayer, it has local co-op, and thanks to Remote Play Together, you can play with a friend over the network. And this is really fun!


Wildfire is an excellent platformer with a wide selection of level passing options and interesting skills. And the ability to customize these skills makes the gameplay really exciting and varied!

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Several options for passing the level
      • Interesting and dynamic storyline
      • The need to complete levels several times to get upgrade points
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