Will Diablo Immortal be free to play?

Great news for all Diablo series funs. After several years of development, Diablo Immortal is finally around the corner. Closed alpha of Diablo Immortal has started recently and we want to prepare you for the battle. Today we will yell about free to play approach in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal is going to be a new mobile game from Blizzard from the Diablo universe. It will be available on iPhone, iPad and Android for free. But what is the monetization approach has picked Blizzard to earn from it?

Diablo Immortal will be free-to-play with optional in-app purchases. Blizzard is going to support Diablo Immortal with a constant cadence of free content, including new gear, features, classes, stories, and areas to explore. But they assure that it won’t cause the game to become pay-to-win. There should also be a pathway to earn most things you can pay for. And critically important is that the only way to acquire gear is by playing the game.

Diablo Immortal Market

Accordingly to Blizzard official reports they want to try the well-know model of selling skins and background content that doesn’t influence the gameplay at all, but will let you open other interesting ways to explore Diablo Immortal.

What can you buy in Diablo Immortal?

There is going to be such a thing as Crests in Diablo Immortal. You will use Crests spices up the experience by adding random modifiers that enhance gameplay, making a Rift either easier or more challenging. Using a Crest guarantees certain non-gear rewards such as Runes and Legendary Gems. Crests also provide Rift points when used by at least one member of the party, and all players in the group will be rewarded with Rift points even if they do not use their own Crest. Accumulated Rift points can then be used to acquire items such as Legendary Gems.

Reforging in Diablo Immortal

Another example is Reforging. Reforging item properties requires special consumable materials that can be earned through gameplay or purchased. Players can earn Reforge Stones for extra re-rolls on an item property, or purchase Specialized Reforge Stones, which allow you to focus on the item properties you want most.

Immortal also has a Battle Pass progression system that allows players to earn rewards by completing Seasonal Quests and other in-game activities. The Battle Pass has both free and paid tracks. All players can claim rewards such as Reforge Stones and Crests through the free track, while players with the paid track will have access to exclusive cosmetics and even more rewards.

What Diablo Immortal Market is?

You may think that it is new option of Diablo 3 real-money auction, but it is not. Blizzard are doing their best to prevent the mistakes of the past and ensure that the Market will open new fair ways to obtain items but will not influence gameplay.

The Market connects anonymous buyers and sellers, with no ability to cash-out. There are limits to what can and cannot be put on the Market. While it will be a possible source of certain materials, supplementary items, and Legendary Gems, it is not a place to acquire gear. It’s also a way for all players, including those who choose to never make an in-game purchase, to exchange items they find for additional in-game currency, beyond what they’re able to earn through play.

What are the currencies in Diablo Immortal?

There are three types of currencies in Diablo Immortal that you can get or buy: Gold, Platinum, and Eternal Orbs.

Gold drops from enemies, chests, and other lootables in the world of Sanctuary. It cannot be purchased or traded and must be earned through gameplay. Gold can be used for things like upgrading your items and purchasing randomized gear from NPC vendors.

Paper Doll Monk Diablo Immortal

Platinum can be earned through daily gameplay activities or purchased with real money. Players can also obtain Platinum by selling items via the Market. Platinum is used for activities such as exchanging goods on the Market or crafting Charms.

Eternal Orbs are acquired with real money only, and can be used for purchasing Platinum, as well as other items such as the Battle Pass, Specialized Reforged Stones, Crests, and cosmetics.

The Technical Alpha that has started in Diablo Immortal is driven to check and test all these implementations but will not have any real-money purchases. Until it finishes we all have sometime to learn more about gameplay itself in our future posts.

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