Will Harvest League Be Added into the Core of Path of Exile?

This is one of the most common questions right now. As you know all leagues are facing such stage when GGG is trying to understand whether it is beneficial for Path of Exile, in general, to add some specific content into the core of the game. So what have they decided as for the Harvest League?

The next league is coming in 3.12 expansion in September. Previously GGG has announced in its schedule as for the upcoming league. So on the 1st September, we will know the name of the league and its details and on the 18th September, it is going to start.

Path of Exile upcoming league release date is 18th September 2020 so far.

But what future awaits the Harvest League? The answer is not definite. Today Bex_GGG shared some details and plans for the future. According to her the Harvest League will be added into the core but not right now. There are some specific problems that stand on the way.

Some of them are related to the playing process. First of all, the crafting system presented in the Harvest League influenced the economy of the game. As it has become easier to get good items at the start of the levelling it is also has become easier to get end-game items. This is one of the major things that should be balanced before adding Harvest to the core of PoE.

Also, there is a problem with the Harvest League mechanics that will slow you down if you want to grow seeds but will have a 10% chance of meeting Oshabi on a map. So GGG is aware that this may be a potential problem and want to come up with another way of engagement with Oshabi in the future.

Other changes to Harvest will cause the crafting system itself. As we have already mentioned it simplified the process of obtaining good items and imbalanced Path of Exile. So for its sake, GGG will try to balance the Harvest crafting system. That means that they will change some recipes or even erase some of them.

And the other problems are related to technical issues and data storage. Those may take some time to be solved.

In general, Grinding Gear Games are willing to add the Harvest League to the core of Path of Exile but there are a lot of potential problems to be solved. It will take time so we must be patient. In any case, there is almost a month of Harvest League left, plenty of time to have fun!

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