Windbound Review

Find yourself on a desert island without a single means of survival! Fighting the dangerous inhabitants of these islands, looking for food and following mysterious artifacts – that’s what makes Windbound from 5 Lives Studios so special.

Live Off The Land

Just a few tutorials on the controls in the game and that’s it – no tips or help. The player will have to look for resources and food for himself, as well as understand the secrets of the islands and their history. This adds atmosphere to the game and creates the illusion that the player is alone in this archipelago. What and how to do is up to you!

Windbound Gameplay

The game consists of trial chapters, where the task is to find 3 keys in different areas and open a passage. The rest is up to you. First of all, you need the means to transfer to another island. Whether it’s a canoe or a skillfully crafted raft, it’ll do just fine. Do not forget about food – you will need it! And getting it is not easy, because the inhabitants of the islands do not particularly like outsiders, especially those who prowl their territory.

Windbound Exploration

The game combines several genres well – Adventure, Survival and Crafting. It is interesting to explore the expanses of water, and getting resources and fighting is even better! The only thing the game lacks is a more improved combat system. After all, it is very easy to die, and at death, the player loses all things (except for those that were with him, not in bags) and the boat. And besides this, the world is generated anew, so it will not be possible to pick them up.

Windbound Combat

Windbound is an atmospheric game with great graphics and unlimited exploration of the world. And despite some shortcomings, it will give you many exciting hours of gameplay.

  • Summary
    78Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Great music and graphics
      • Exploration and survival aspects quite good
      • Losing almost all on death
      • Combat mechanics is very frustrating
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