World of Warcraft Bonus Reputation Buff

Great news guys! Starting from today 1st September 2020 till 30th September 2020 World of Warcraft Bonus Reputation Buff is active! The Buff will increase reputation gains by 100% as written on Blizzard official blog! Last time it was active I had lots of time farming reputation with interesting factions from Legion. I managed to open all new raced added in WoW Legion and got the Legion Pathfinder achievement (both parts of it). So now I can fly in that expansion and it is awesome. This time I have a lot of time (almost a month) to open Beattle for Azeroth Pathfinder achievement! A great time to stay and home and play. Stay safe guys!

The only upsetting thing is that last time Bonus Reputation Buff was active through all the expansions. So you could farm reputation with old content factions. This time you will get increased reputation gains by 100% only in Legion and Beattle for Azeroth explanations. With only a few exceptions as bonus excludes Rajani and Uldum Accord reputation.

Vulpera reputation buff

Nevertheless, World of Warcraft is a great universe and I am sure that this is the time to return if you have left. As far as you know reputation with different factions has its benefits. For example, you can get different mounts that cannot be bought. Also, you can open the ability to fly in the Legion and BFA. That will be useful to level up your twinks. And the most important thing. You can open all the new races very fast!

Let me remind you that WoW allied races are:

Legion races: 

  • Nightborne
  • Highmountain Tauren
  • Lightforged Draenei
  • Void Elves

Battle for Azeroth races:

  • Mag’har Orcs
  • Dark Iron Dwarves
  • Kul Tiras Human
  • Zandalari Trolls
  • Mechagnome
  • Vulpera

Share this post if you are ready to open Vulpera with me! Or maybe you are up to something else? 😉

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