World of Warcraft Love is in the Air Event Details

Romance has come to World of Warcraft. Love is in the air a traditional World of Warcraft St. Valentines event is now live. Read all the details below.

When: February 8–22
Where: Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind (Alliance)
Currency: Love Tokens

Love is in the Air Activities

That are a lot of interesting activities that can be done during this event. The main of them are:

Seasonal Boss

Use the Group Finder (I) to participate in an encounter against Apothecary Hummel, granting a Heart-Shaped Box (which contains holiday loot) as a daily reward. This is available to characters level 10 and above. 

Main Quest Line

The Steamwheedle Cartel suspects there’s something shady about the goblin newcomers of the Crown Chemical Company. Investigators have been hired to get to the bottom of things—with your help.

Daily Quests

Complete special daily quests to obtain experience, money, and Love Tokens to purchase holiday items. Those items are perfect to use them with your sweetheart.

Love is in the Air Achievements

Here is the list of main Love is in the Air Achievements. Achievements that are required to earn the meta-achievement Fool for Love, which grants the title reward The Love Fool:

  • Be Mine!
    • Eat the eight “Bag of Candies” heart candies listed – Be Mine!, I’ll follow you all around Azeroth, All yours, I’m all yours!, Hot Lips, You’re Mine!, You’re the best!, I LOVE YOU
  • Charming
    • Create 12 Lovely Charm Bracelets
  • Dangerous love
    • Assist the Steamwheedle Cartel in stopping the sinister Crown Chemical Co. plot.
  • Fistful of love
    • Use a Handful of Rose Petals on each of the race/class combinations listed – Gnome Warlock, Human Death Knight, Orc Shaman, Undead Warrior, Blood Elf Mage, Dwarf Hunter, Orc Death Knight, Night Elf Priest, Tauren Druid, Troll Rogue, Draenei Paladin.
  • Flirt with disaster
    • Get completely smashed, put on your best perfume, throw a handful of rose petals on Jeremia Payson and then kiss him. You’ll regret it in the morning.
  • I pitied the fool
    • Pity the Love Fool in the locations specified – Wintergrasp, Battle Ring of Gurubashi Arena, Arathi Basin Blacksmith, The Culling of Stratholme, Naxxramas.
  • Lonely?
    • Enjoy a Buttermilk Delight with someone in Dalaran at a Romantic Picnic during the Love Is in the Air celebration.
  • My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose
    • Obtain a Bouquet of Red or Ebon Roses during the Love Is in the Air celebration.
  • Nation of Adoration
    • Complete the Lovely Charm Bracelet daily quest of each Horde capital – A Gift for the High Overlord, A Gift for the Regent Lord of Quel’Thalas, A Gift for the High Chieftain, A Gift for the Banshee Queen
  • Shafted!
    • Shoot 10 players with the Silver Shafted Arrow.
  • Sweet tooth
    • Sample the Love Is in the Air candies listed–Buttermilk Delight, Dark Desire, Sweet Surprise, Very Berry Cream.
  • The Rocket’s Pink Glare
    • Shoot off 10 Love Rockets in 20 seconds or less.

The list of other Love is in the Air Achievements:

  • It Might Just Save Your Life
    • Unleash the power of love contained within a holiday necklace.
  • Love Magnet
    • Have 10 Love Rays active on you simultaneously.
  • Lovely Luck Is on Your Side
    • Open a Lovely Dress Box and receive a Lovely Black Dress.
  • Perma-Peddle
    • Obtain a permanent Peddlefeet pet by procuring a Truesilver Shafted Arrow.
  • Tough Love
    • Defeat the trio of Crown Chemical Co. apothecaries in Shadowfang Keep.

In addition, to these achievements that are also specific gifts and items.

Love is in the Air Items

That’s the list of items that you can get during Love is in the air event. Some of them can be obtained only now, so be careful.

Love is in the Air Items


  • Big Love Rocket: The Heart-Shaped Box, a daily reward from the Dungeon Finder for defeating Apothecary Hummel, has a chance to drop a stylish flying mount for players level 50+: the Big Love Rocket! This is one of the rarest mounts in WoW. Check the full list in WoW Rarest Mounts post.
  • Swift Lovebird: Take to the ground atop this pink, flightless bird, sure to set the mood for any acrophobic romantic engagements. Available in exchange for Love Tokens at your faction’s Lovely Merchants, NPC vendors located in capital cities.


  • Toxic WastelingThis disgusting (but friendly!) ooze will grow in size as it eats critters that cross your path.
  • Truesilver Shafted ArrowSummon a lil’ winged goblin of love by spending Love Tokens at your faction’s Lovely Merchants.
  • Lovebird Hatchling: This darling pink lovebird can be purchased from the Lovely Merchants.

Amorous Accessories

  • Heirlooms: Timeworn Heirloom Scabbard, Ancient Heirloom Scabbard
  • Toys: Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone, Romantic Picnic Basket, Love Boat
  • Other: Forever-Lovely RoseBag of Heart Candies, Handful of Rose Petals, Lovely Rose, Manufactured Love Prism, Love Fool, Lovely Dress Box, Dinner Suit Box, Box of Chocolates
  • Unnatural Enhancements: “Enchantress” Perfume, “Forever” Perfume, “Bravado” Perfume, “Wizardry” Cologne, “Victory” Perfume, “Stalwart” Cologne

Love is in the Air Arrives in WoW Classic: February 11–16

The WoW Classic version of Love is in the Air is also available to those looking for a little love in a hostile world. Just head over to Orgrimmar (Horde) and Stormwind (Alliance) to take part.

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