World of Warcraft Shadowlands Mounts List

Among all collectable items that have been added in World of Warcraft, Shadowlands mounts are one of the most popular. Here you will see the list of all Shadowlands mounts and the ways to obtain them.

But first you need to remember that some of the mounts below will require specific currencies:

  • Gold
  • Reservoir Anima: A measure of the Anima your Covenant has at its disposal.
  • Polished Pet Charms: Redeemable at pet battle masters.

Shadowlands Mounts List

Below you see the table with all mounts obtainable in WoW Shadowlands.

Amber ArdenmothThe brilliant orange hue of the amber ardenmoth signals to predators that it is dangerous to eat. Consuming one of these creatures will put a predator into a dreamless sleep for yearsDrop: Wild Hunt SuppliesArdenweald
Arboreal GulperThe wood and foliage growing atop this toad is a natural part of its body, helping it siphon anima from the air to nourish itself.Drop: Humon’gozzArdenweald
Armored Chosen TauralusThe Tauralus has two tails, which are both absolutely necessary for whipping away buzzing pests like the bloodlouse.Achievement: Things To Do When You’re Dead
Armored War-Bred TauralusThe tauralus that serve the armies of Maldraxxus have had all traits of compassion bred out of them and are only adorned in armor when they show that no sword or spell can stop them from carrying their rider to victory.Covenant: NecrolordMaldraxxus
Ascended SkymaneOnly those that have proven themselves against the combined might of the Ascended will be able to ride this mount.Treasure: Cache of the AscendedBastion
Battle Gargon SilessaSilessa fought valiantly alongside her master in the great incursion by the Light, following the battle her master set her to guard over a vault room of great value.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Battle Gargon VrednicPrince Renathal’s loyal gargon, Vrednic has been by his side for millennia. Adorned in his Sinvyr armor, Vrednic’s mere presence instills terror to all those who lay eyes on him ashe ushers his rider into battle.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Battle-Bound WarhoundWarhounds find comfort in conflict, and the Contest of Conquest is the perfect place to find these beasts honing their abilities.Drop: Theater of PainMaldraxxus
Blisterback BloodtuskThe House of the Chosen train their mounts in all manner of difficult circumstances, so that no matter the battle, they will never falter.Drop: Warbringer Mal’korakMaldraxxus
Bonehoof TauralusThere are quite a few reasons that you do not want to stand behind a tauralus, the hooves and whip-like tails being the least of them.Drop: TahontaMaldraxxusCovenant: Necrolord
Bonesewn FleshrocOnly expert flesh-stitches who have demonstrated mastery over the magics of Maldraxxus are powerful enough to construct a deathrock of this size.Profession: Abominable StitchingMaldraxxus
Callow FlayedwingFlayedwings are a necessary force in the cycle of life for the Shadowlands, acting as both prey and predator for the harsh environment of Maldraxxus.Cracked Blight-Touched EggMaldraxxus
Chittering AnimiteThese exceptionally agile fliers make excellent mounts once they’ve been trained not to sap every ounce of anima from their rider.Adventures: Shadowlands
Chosen TauralusEven an unarmored Tauralus is a valuable ally in battle. It’s enormous horns capable of piercing even plate armor.Achievement: The Gang’s All HereCovenant Sanctums
Colossal SlaughterclawOnly the most stalwart stable masters of Mladraxxus are able to break the will of the colossal slaughterclaws, giving all champions of the Undying Army a fearson ally in the Shadowlands.Drop: Supplies of the Undying ArmyMaldraxxus
Corridor CreeperThe loyal hounds of the jailer creep along the corridors in search of the scent of souls.Achievement: Twisting Corridors: Layer 8Torghast
Court SinrunnerSinrunners were once the steeds of dark souls, carried in the wake of either their sins or their masters’ sins to Revendreth. While some chose to run free, many continue to serve darkness in death as they did in life.Vendor: Mistress MihaelaRevendrethFaction: Court of Harvesters – Exalted30,000 Gold
Crypt GargonLoyal hounds of the Curator, these gargon patrol the crypts and catacombs deterring both trespassing and escape.Revendreth
Darkwarren HardshellThe Darkwarren Hardshell’s chitin is sturdy enough to withstand mortar shells and dragon’s fire. It will also conveniently consume anything lacking anima, if needed.Adventures: Shadowlands
Dauntless DuskrunnerThe Path of Ascension is a challenging trial, and those that display all the facets the Kyrian hold dear will be duly rewarded.Covenant Feature: The Ember Court, Queen’s Conservatory, Path of Ascension, Abomination FactoryCovenant: Venthyr, Night Fae, Kyrian, Necrolord
Desire’s Battle GargonThe Countess maintains a small stable of elegantly adorned gargon mounts for her sole use. Many a rival has been taken in by the finery to their peril as she personally oversees their deadly training.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Dreamlight RunestagRunestags are granted to those who have pledged their service to the Winter Queen and the Court of Night.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Duskflutter ArdenmothThese ardenmoths prefer the dark and damp forests of northwest Ardenweald, where fungal colonies are perpetutally blooming.Vendor: AithlynArdenwealdFaction: The Wild Hunt – Exalted30,000 Gold
Enchanted Dreamlight RunestagThe majestic runestags are capable of siphoning anima from the ambient light of Ardenweald with their elaborate antlers. The anima is used as nourishment and to power the runestag’s speed and magic.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Enchanted Shadeleaf RunestagA shadeleaf runestag is capable of goring creatures as powerful as a gorm matriarch in defense of its herd. The Wild Hunt ride these mounts into dangerous corners of the Shadowlands, when their domain must be defended from those who would threaten the wilds.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Enchanted Wakener’s RunestagWakener runestags fiercely protect their wildseed groves. When the groves started to fail, many runestags went berserk.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Enchanted Winterborn RunestagWinterborn runestags are the favored mount of the Winter Queen herself, and she only bestows such a creature on her most favored subjects.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Endmire FlyerAttracted through portals through which little is known, these flying devourers have found a home in the Endmire of Revendreth feeding on the latent anima.Drop: Famu the InfiniteRevendreth
Eternal Phalynx of CourageMany bars of gildenite are required to forge one of these sparkling mounts, but the sight of them alone is worth the gathering time.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Eternal Phalynx of HumilityWhen an armored phalynx is forged, stewards clap their hammers together in reverence of the skill required in its creation.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Eternal Phalynx of LoyaltyA marvel of steward engineering, the armored phalynx is a rare and awe-inspiring sight.Covenant: KyrionBastion
Eternal Phalynx of PurityThe armored phalynx is a favorite companion of the mightiest warriors of the Ascended as it is both fearless and vicious in battle.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Gilded ProwlerThe mighty larion is an apex predator of Bastion, but that does not stop it from enjoying a nice nap in the sunny fields.Vendor: Adjutant NikosBastion30,000 Gold
GorespineNerissa trampled over countless bodies on the back of Gorespine as she rose to prominence as the commander of the Lichsworn forces for the House or Rituals.Drop: Nerissa HeartlessMaldraxxus
Gravestone Battle GargonRepresentative of a new loyal batch of gargon, these battle ready beasts will take Renathal’s most loyal compatriots into the final battles against the Jailer.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Gruesome FlayedwingThe flayedwings of Maldraxxus are prized for their ability to soar effortlessly through the skies of the Shadowlands, allowing their rider a surprise opportunity to strike at their foes or support their allies.Covenant Feature: The Ember Court, Queen’s Conservatory, Path of Ascension, Abomination FactoryCovenant: Venthyr, Night Fae, Kyrian, Necrolord
Highwind DarkmaneThe forsworn and their mounts take on a darker aspect upon renouncing the path laid forth by the Archon. While tame enough to ride, the Highwind Darkmane has a fiercely independent streak.Adventures: Shadowlands
Hopecrusher GargonOnce the loyal mount of a House of Briarbane lord, it turned on the lord and his retinue. Members of House Briarbane now whisper of a dark Gargon lying in wait even baiting venthyr who venture through the darker parts of the Chalice District of Revendreth.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Horrid DredwingHarika the Horrid terrorized the denizens of the Forest Ward, and with her demise her broodings can now take this horror to denizens farther afield.Drop: Harika the HorridRevendreth
Hulking DeathrocDeathrocs are stitched monstrosities from the discarded viscera, bone, and organs that were not required to construct soldiers for the House of Constructs.Drop: Violet MistakeMaldraxxus
Inquisition GargonThe gargon of the Inquisitors are some of the most vicious ever carved. The Avowed seek to recapture these beasts and return them to the righteous duty of assisting in the purifying of souls rather than the perversions performed at the hands of the Inqusitors.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Loyal GorgerCrawling forth from the cracks between the realms, the devourers have a voracious appetite for anima. Little is known of their orgins, but all denizens fot he Shadowlands see their recent boldness as a sign of the end of times.Quest: A New PackRevendreth
Lurid BloodtuskOnly bloodtusks that survive the Contest of Conquest are deemed worthy enough to become a mount of the Undying Army.Vendor: Nalcorn TalsenMaldraxxusFaction: The Undying Army – Exalted30,000 Gold
Mawsworn SoulhunterSoulhunters are used to track wayward souls across the wastes that flee fromt heir dark fates, and are one of the only creatures that feel comfortable traversing the maw.Drop: Gorged ShadehoundThe Maw
Pale AcidmawThe acid present in the ichor of this creature sapped away the color from its shell, leaving it a striking shade of snowy white.Covenant Feature: The Ember Court, Queen’s Conservatory, Path of Ascension, Abomination FactoryCovenant: Venthyr, Night Fae, Kyrian, Necrolord
Phalynx of CourageA phalynx is considered both a worthy companion and a lithe opponent to test one’s reflexes against.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Phalynx of HumilityThe phalynx does not fetch, though it is not known why this is.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Phalynx of LoyaltySome within the Ascended keep a phalynx as a pet. While they may not be as furry as a larion, they are much less likely to eat your other pets.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Phalynx of PurityLittle is known about the origination of which are taught more akin to religion than engineering.Covenant: KyrianBastion
Plaguerot TauralusThe tauralus is considered courageous, though scholars of Maldraxxus have long wondered if their lack of fear is simply due to the tiny size of their brains.Covenant: NecrolordMaldraxxus
Predatory PlaguerocGeiger’s everlasting hunger is legendary amongst the House of Constructs, and no beast is too large or bony to fit inside its massive stomach.Drop: GiegerMaldraxxus
Rampart ScreecherRoosting among the ramparts of Castle Natrhia, these giant dredbats act as sentinels and are trained to take down threats approaching the castle from the air.Achievement: Glory of the Nathria RaiderRevendreth
Shadeleaf RunestagThe shadeleaf runestag are bred for their ferocity as well as their beauty by the Wild Hunt. They feel no fear charging into the den of any predator.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
Shimmermist RunnerMischievous spriggans and the valerunners have a natural enmity. No valerunner would deign to allow a spriggan rider because they can sense their inherent malevolence. This angers the trickster spriggans who take twisted enjoyment in playing cruel pranks on these majestic creatures.Area: Mistveil TangleArdenweald
Silky ShimmermothThe moths of Ardenweald play a vital role in the ecosystem, carrying spores, anima, and pollen from one part of the forest to the other, providing nourishment and variation to the denizens living below.Vendor: Master Clerk SalornArdenweald30,000 Gold
Silvertip DredwingBred by the Revendreth prince, Renathal, these rare dredwing are fiercely loyal and will only let those deemed worthy by the prince himself to interact with them.Covenant Features: The Ember Court, Queen’s Conservatory, Path of Ascension, Abomination FactoryCovenant: Venthyr, Night Fae, Kyrian, Necrolord
Silvewind LarionThis gift of the silvery winds is only bestowed upon those that search high and low for the wisdom of Bastion.Treasure: Gift of the Silver WindBastion
Sinfall GargonThe gargon are the loyal mounts and companions of the Venthyr and Renathal has found many abandoned at Sinfall, awaiting reawakening and assignment to worthy members of the covenant.Covenant: VenthyrRevendreth
Sinrunner BlanchyIn life, Blanchy appeared to be an affectionate, well-behaved horse of excellent disposition and appetite. What evils must she have committed in secret to have earned her place among the condemned souls of Revendreth?NPC: Dead BlanchyRevendreth
Sintouched DeathwalkerForged from the sins of countless diabolical dungeon denizens. Only those with the skill sot overcome them may hold its reins.Achievement: Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One
Spinemaw GladechewerSpriggan riders tie bits of anima-less detritus to the end of sticks in front of their gorm mounts to steer. It’s…an imperfect art.Drop: Gormtamer TizoArdenweald
SundancerThis sun-dappled courser gallops on lightbeams with carefree abandon.Drop: SundancerBastion
Swift GloomhoofThe ballads of Ardenweald claim that the birth of gloomrunner heralds the passing of a particularly benevolent wild god. Seeing a gloomrunner is therefore a blessing and a curse.Drop: Night MareArdenweald
Umbral ScythehornUmbral gorm are the most docile of all gorm, but they also grow the largest horns and mandibles. They are probably so docile because other creatures avoid riling them.Vendor: SpindlenoseArdenweald
Vibrant FlutterwingThese minty green moths are very friendly. They particularly enjoy having their head fuzz vigorously brushed. They also enjoy music and poetry.Vendor: CortinariusArdenweald
Vicious War SpiderWhen being a bellowing member of the Horde doesn’t strike the right amount of fear into your opponent, add a giant spider.PvP: Shadowlands Season 1 Rated Arena and Rated Battleground Season Reward
Voracious GorgerThe devourers are presumed to have their origins in the In-Between, a space between the lands of the Shadowlands that few have explored.Achievement: Glory of the Shadowlands Hero
Wakener’s RunestagRunestags enjoy laying near wildseeds. The Wakener’s believe they can hear the sleepers’ dreams. These runestags display a range of emotions in their vigil, signaling the dreams or nightmares of the spirits within.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald
War-Bred TauralusThe soldiers of Maldraxxus protect the Shadowlands, and require a mount that is both capable and calm when faced with overwhelming odds.Covenant: NecrolordMaldraxxus
Warstitched DarkhoundThese warhounds are crafted by the House of Constructs to carry any rider into the thick of battle, rending and tearing enemy mounts all the while.Adventures: Shadowlands
Wild Glimmerfur ProwlerThis prowler’s brilliant green coat distinguishes it from the blues and purples of Ardenweald, making it much easier for others of its kind to see through the midnight woods.Drop: Valfir the UnrelentingArdenweald
Wildseed CradleThe most precious cargo in all Ardenweald, the wildseeds, are cradled by this lovingly-crafted cart. It is imbued with anima to allow it to hover over the ground.Treasure: Cache of the MoonArdenweald
Winterborn RunestagWinterborn runestags are blessed by the Winter Queen herself. Their runes flare brilliantly when predators are nearby, warning the entire herd.Covenant: Night FaeArdenweald

Remember that some of the mounts will be closed before the next expansion, so hurry up to get all them before that.

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