World of Warcraft Shadowlands Renown Guide

In this post, you will learn details about the new reputation system in Shadowland called Renown.

What is Renown?

Renown is the name of a specific covenant reputation system in Shadowlands. To get access to renown you will need to reach level 60 and join one of the four covenants.

Upon progressing Renown you will unlock new opportunities with your covenant. As you become more trusted you will strengthen your souldinds connections (open new figures) and repair or upgrade your Sanctum.

Renown is represented by a progression bar (in the interface) and by general currency (count for all), and four Covenant specific currencies, Renown-Kyrian, Renown-Venthyr, Renown-Necrolord, and Renown-NightFae which only count towards their specific Covenant.

Renown progression bar

When you reach a milestone you get rewards. Each covenant has its own rewards and the last one is covenant specific mount. Note that you cannot get all the levels at once as a there is a limited amount of renown points that you can get per week.

How to get Renown?

There are several ways to get Renown. The first one is to complete the covenant specific campaign. You get one level of renown for completing each chapter of the following campaigns:

  • Kyrian Campaign
  • Venthyr Campaign
  • Necrolords Campaign
  • Night Fae Campaign

The second option of obtaining renown is to complete a weekly quest called Replenish the Reservoir. You will need to collect listed Anima and deposit them to the reservoir in your Sanctum:

  • Centurion Power Core (4)
  • Hallowed Vessel (4)
  • Noble’s Draught (7)
  • Brimming Stoneborn Heart (7)
  • Bloodbound Anima Globe (4)
  • Darkhaven Lantern (4)
  • Infused Funerary Urn (4)
  • Principles of Plaguistry (7)
  • Bleeding Corpseshroom (7)
  • Engorged Monstrosity’s Heart (4)
  • Stabilized Plague Precursor (4)
  • Soulcharged Phylactery (4)
  • Animaflower Bud (7)
  • Celestial Acorn (7)
  • Starlight Catcher (4)
  • Ardendew Pearl (4)
  • Fruit of the Winter Court (4)
  • Forgelite Ember (7)
  • Forgesmith’s Coal (4)
  • Chronicled Combat Meditations (4)

And the last way to get Renown is to complete another weekly quest called Return Lost Souls. You will need to travel to the Maw and free Tormented Souls relevant to your Covenant.

Besides, you will be able to catch-up with the other players. Play end game content (Dungeons, Raids, PvP, and Callings) to get extra renown to reach the global Renown cap.

Renown Rewards

Currently, there are 40 levels of renown. Every several levels there is a milestone with a specific reward. They include:

  • Unlocking a new row of power for a Soulbind character.
  • Increasing the item level of items you receive from World Quests.
  • Increasing the maximum potential level of the features within your Sanctum.
  • Earning legendary recipes for the runecrafter in Torghast.
  • Earning unique Covenant-themed cosmetic items such as mounts, pets, a title, back attachment transmog, and transmog armor.

You will see the list of upgrades you have unlock from users interface.

Below you can see all covenants rewards that you get for reaching Renown Levels.

Here is everything you need to know about Renown progression system.

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