World of Warcraft Threads of Fate Game Mode

Threads of Fate is a new game mode implemented in the recent World of Warcraft expansion Shadowlands. You will be able to pick the path of your levelling in Shadowlands without losing covenant bonuses.

You already know that you can level up in different WoW expansions from level 10 to level 50. If you don’t know how to do that you need to meet some requirements. First of all, you must have at least one level 50 champion on the server. If you do, create a character and level it up to level 10. Then go to the capital of your faction and speak with Chromie in the Embassy. She will tell you the options. Unfortunately, if you haven’t reached level 50 yet, you have only one option – level up in Battle for Azeroth and then go to Shadowlands.

As for the Shadowlands. Now with a new game mode Threads of Fate, you can act pretty similar to Chromie. After you have levelled up one champion to the maximum level (60) you can start a new champion and activate Threads of Fate mode to see all other zones and don’t loose fun or bonuses.

How to unlock Threads of Fate?

Firstly, be sure to meet these two obligatory requirements:

  • reach level 60
  • complete the first chapter of your Covenant Campaign:
    • Kyrian: “Among the Kyrian”
    • Necrolord: “Loyal to the Primus”
    • Night Fae: “For Queen and Grove!”
    • Venthyr: “Sinfall”

When you reach level 5o you can unlock Threads of Fate mode, but there is no way back! So if you are not sure you can still think as you can activate the mode from 50th to 59th level once you complete the quest, “Stand as One” given by Anduin Wrynn during the Maw’s introductory questline.

After completing “Stand as One,” you’ll be transported to Oribos where you can speak with Fatescribe Roh-Tahl to choose leveling with the Threads of Fate option.

How does Threads of Fate work?

It works pretty simply. You will see all the instructions at Fatescribe Roh-Tahl. He will ask you to choose a covenant for you. That is important as you will have access to some bonuses from the covenant and you can donate anima to your covenant reservoir to get renown.

But you can also choose another zone to level up in. After you appear in the zone you’ve picked, you’ll see that all main quests and flight points are open. Now you can complete any side quests. And when you are done go to Fatescribe Roh-Tahl again to get experience and move to the other zone.

You will not get experience points for killing enemy or random creatures. Also, War Mode won’t offer more bonuses. You can fill the progress bar by completing any side quests, World Quests, Bonus Objectives, Rare Elites, and defeating dungeon bosses.

When you reach level 60 everything goes back to normal and you continue your path in your Covenant and prepare for end game events.

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