Worlds 2019 – Group Stage Day 3

Hey there, all League of Legends fans! Welcome to the results of LoL Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 3 post. Before that, let’s recall how Worlds Day 2 Group Stage ended in our previous post. Further, we will talk about the teams that have played today and the results of their matches.

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 3

Above is a list of teams and matches that have took place today. Similarly, to two previous days twelve groups from three different groups played. Therefore there have been six matches.

What teams played in Group Stage Day 3

So below you can see full names of the teams and the region they represent in League of Legends Championship.

Group A:
G2 Esports (Europe)
Cloud9 (North America)
Hong Kong Attitude (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)

Group B:
J Team (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)
FunPlus Phoenix (China)
GAM Esports (Vietnam)
Splice (Europe)

Group D:
Invictus Gaming (China)
ahq e-Sports Club (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)
DAMWON Gaming (Korea)
Team Liquid (North America)

Even though the day was pretty predictable there were some interesting and worth watching moments. Nevertheless, we recommend you watching match Griffin against Hong Kong Attitude, the beginning is very promising.

So how did you like today’s games? Do you have some highlights to discuss?

Worlds 2019 Day 3 – Results [SPOILERS]

Today before matches we here in Expert Game Reviews made some predictions as for today’s matches. Moreover, we shared them on Twitter actually, you might have seen it, if no here the post is.

And now let’s look how many of them are true! To prevent you from running into spoilers we made the background color match the text color, so you know what to do to see it.

Game 1:
Invictus Gaming VS. DAMWON Gaming (Winner)
Game 2:
ahq e-Sports Club VS. Team Liquid (Winner)
Game 3:
FunPlus Phoenix (Winner) VS. Splice
Game 4:
J Team VS. GAM Esports (Winner)
Game 5:
GRIFFIN (Winner) VS. Hong Kong Attitude
Game 6:
G2 Esports (Winner) VS. Cloud9

As you can see we were right in our predictions 4 times out of 6. Pretty good result, isn’t it?

In addition, check out the standings on LoL Esports official website. So let’s meet tomorrow for the Group Stage Day 4 in LoL Worlds 2019.

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