Worlds 2019 – Group Stage Day 4

The fourth Day of League of Legends World Championship came to an end. Here we present you the result of Worlds Group Stage day 4. So today we have seen very strong teams on the stage. Day was really impressive. Before that, you can visit our previous post to see the results of Group Stage Day 3. So if you are all set up now we can continue.

League of Legends Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 4

Similarly, to all previous days we have seen twelve teams from three groups playing today. And we had an opportunity to enjoy six great matches.

What teams played in Group Stage Day 4

So below you can check out the names of teams that played today.

Group A:
G2 Esports (Europe)
Cloud9 (North America)
Hong Kong Attitude (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)

Group B:
J Team (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)
FunPlus Phoenix (China)
GAM Esports (Vietnam)
Splice (Europe)

Group C:
Fnatic (Europe)
SK Telecom T1 (Korea)
Royal Never Give Up (China)
Clutch Gaming (North America)

By the way, do you have any thoughts on how the day ended? For instance, may be you could make your own predictions and share them with us in the comments. And then, of course, watch today’s matches below.

How many of your predictions came true? What moments did you like the most? We surely, won’t forget a magnificent game of SK Telecom T1. Moreover, we would say that past two years took them practicing to become unstoppable again! Again Faker’s skills are impressive and breathtaking!

Worlds 2019 Day 4 – Results [SPOILERS]

Similarly to yesterday our team made their predictions about today’s results. We shared them on our Twitter. You can see them below.

Do we have the same thoughts with you guys? After that, let’s see how many of them are right. However, we have hidden the results, but we are sure that you can solve this puzzle 😉

Game 1:
Royal Never Give Up (Winner) VS. Fnatic
Game 2:
Clutch Gaming VS. SK Telecom T1 (Winner)
Game 3:
FunPlus Phoenix (Winner) VS. GAM Esports
Game 4:
Splice VS. J Team (Winner)
Game 5:
GRIFFIN (Winner) VS. Cloud9
Game 6:
G2 Esports (Winner) VS. Hong Kong Attitude

In other worlds, we were write 5 times out of 6. Today’s result is even better then yesterday’s!

In addition, you can check out the standings on the LoL Esports website. So how is your favorite team is doing right now? Also, we wanted to say that tomorrow is day off on League of Legends World Champ and we will meet on Thursday 17th of October for the new results!

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