Worlds Group Stage Day 6 Knockout Phase

Welcome to the results of Worlds Group Stage Day 6 Knockout Phase in League of Legends. Therefore, this day was special for four teams from Group A. Yesterday we saw what teams managed to get to Worlds 2019 quarterfinals from group stage day 5. Further we will talk about the games took place 18th October 2019.

Worlds Group Stage Day 6 Knockout Phase teams that played

Similarly to Group B games Group A teams had to play three games against each other in their second round robin.

Day 6 Knockout Phase – Teams played

So today 18th October 2019 we have seen six main matches between the teams that all contain in one group – Group A. Those teams therefore are:

Group A:
G2 Esports (Europe)
Cloud9 (North America)
Hong Kong Attitude (Taiwan/Hong Kong/Macao)

The schedule you have seen in the picture above. All the standings you can check out through the link here. Before you continue reading if you haven’t seen today’s matches yet. What are your expectations? Let’s check your prediction skills, watch games below.

In conclusion to today’s games we can say that sadly, but this was a pretty predictable day. Even though it was interesting to watch as some picks were new to watch.

So how many of your predictions are right? Earlier today we claimed our predictions on Twitter. You can see them below.

As you can see we were right a record number of times for us! 6 out of 6 possible predictions!

Worlds 2019 Day 6 – Results [SPOILERS]

So meet the results of LoL Worlds 2019 Group Stage Day 6 Knockout Phase below.

Game 1:
GRIFFIN (Winner) VS. Cloud9
Game 2:
G2 Esports (Winner) VS. Hong Kong Attitude
Game 3:
Hong Kong Attitude VS. GRIFFIN (Winner)
Game 4:
Cloud9 (Winner) VS. G2 Esports (Winner)
Game 5:
Hong Kong Attitude VS. Cloud9 (Winner)
Game 6:
G2 Esports VS. GRIFFIN (Winner)
Game 7:
GRIFFIN (Winner) VS. G2 Esports

So according to today’s round robin from Group A two teams that qualified to play in Quarterfinals are: GRIFFIN and G2 Esports.

In conclusion we remind you that tomorrow 19th October 2019 we will see teams from Group C fighting for their place in quarterfinals. Don’t miss!

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