WoW Burning Crusade Classic All Attunements List

In WoW Classic and WoW Burning Crusade Classic, you didn’t have the access to all instances, first, you needed to take some actions to get attuned with the relevant dungeon or raid. We have already written many guides that describe how to get attuned to the most popular instances. Here you will find the links to those guides and also learn how to get attuned faster in TBC classic.

You will find many TBC WoW attunement guides across the web, we wanted to create a simplified list that will guide you. We don’t have super-detailed step-by-step attunement guides, but all of them will give you a general understanding of where to go and what to do first. So below you will see the steps with links and/or composed descriptions. Your journey starts from the top to the bottom. Remember that not all raids and dungeons are active now, they will be added into the game in the next phases.

TBC Attunements quick step-by-step guide:

We will briefly tell you where to start and how to move forward to get attuned faster and not to miss anything.

  1. Caverns of Time quests – Go to the entrance of the Caverns of Time and find The Steward of Time a level 70 bronze dragon NPC, he starts the quest chain needed to enter dungeons needed to start attunement journey. The list of quest in the progression line:
    1. [66] To The Master’s Lair
    2. [68] The Caverns of Time
    3. [68] Old Hillsbrad
    4. [68] Taretha’s Diversion
    5. [68] Escape from Durnholde
    6. [68] Return to Andormu
    7. [70] The Black Morass
    8. [70] The Opening of the Dark Portal
    9. [70] Hero of the Brood
  2. Black Morass Attunement (click to see the guide) – It is needed to complete the sequence of quests above.
  3. Combine it with the other important steps, needed further. You can do the steps above and the following steps in the same period of time:
    1. Get Revered reputation level with the relevant faction Honor Hold or Thrallmar (the links lead to the guides).
    2. Get Revered reputation level with The Sha’tar faction.
    3. Get Revered reputation level with Cenarion Expedition faction.
  4. Magtheridon’s Lair Quests. This raid doesn’t require any attunement. But you’ll need to complete the quests for further progression. Those quests are:
    1. [70] The Fall of Magtheridon
    2. [70] Trial of the Naaru: Magtheridon
  5. Karazhan Attunement (click to see the guide).
  6. Gruul’s Lair Quest. This raid doesn’t require any attunement. But you’ll need to complete the quest:
    1. Massacre at Gruul’s Lair
  7. The Eye: Tempest Keep Raid Attunement (click to see the guide).
  8. Serpentshrine Cavern Attunement (click to see the guide).
  9. Hyjal Summit Attunement (click to see the guide).
  10. The Black Temple Attunement (click to see the guide).

As you can see this is the full list of all Attunements in TBC Classic required for raids. It is a long and hard process and you will see it as you read detailed guides about each step. We didn’t include here dungeon attunements because the main point here is to get the proper key to unlock the heroic version of the dungeon. However, some of the dungeons have specific attunements as well. In the section below you can see the list with links to the list of all dungeons’ attunements.

TBC Dungeons Attunements list

There are five zones with multiple dungeons that have different requirements and attunements. We didn’t include Magisters’ Terrace dungeon though as well as The Sunwell Plateau raid above (as it doesn’t have attunemets). Click on the regions’ name to open the guide about its dungeons.

The steps are understood and clear, but it may take time to complete all the steps of the chain. Still you can already farm needed reputations. Read our guide TBC WoW Burning Crusade Classic Reputation and Factions List. It can help you with this task.

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