WoW Burning Crusade Classic Sporeggar Reputation Guide

All classical addons in World of Warcraft are deeply oriented on farming reputation with different factions to open access to more advanced rewards or content. So if you want to play TBC classic effectively you will need to know what factions are required to gain a reputation with. In this post, you will learn how to farm reputation with the Sporeggar faction.

Sporeggar, in western Zangarmarsh, is home to the sporelings, a race of mushroom people who have much to offer adventurers who befriend them. The Sporeggar is a tribe native to Outland, but with the changing climate of the marsh they’re in, their entire existence has been put in danger.

Sporeggar in western Zangarmarsh

WoW Burning Crusade Classic Reputation and Factions List

Sporeggar Reputation Rewards

Every reputation in WoW TBC Classic is worth farming as every faction gives special rewards for becoming Revered or Exalted with them. Below you can see the table with standings explanations.

Reputation Level

Points to Level Up




The highest level with sweet rewards (mounts, tabards, epic items)



This level is required to get access to TBC dungeons.



10% discount on items from their vendors.



Starting standing for factions of allied cities.



Starting standing for general factions.



Unable to buy, sell or interact with members.



Kill on sight.



Kill on sight. Enemy city and PvP factions are set to this permanently.

You will unlock the first rewards at a Friendly reputation level, which you can obtain from Quartermaster Mycah can be found at Sporeggar in Zangarmarsh. There is only one reward”

  • Tallstalk Mushroom

When you reach Honored you will unlock more rewards:

  • Redcap Toadstool
  • Muck-Covered Drape
  • Petrified Lichen Guard

At Revered you’ll unlock:

  • Pattern: Mycah’s Botanical Bag
  • Recipe: Transmute Primal Earth to Water
  • Hardened Stone Shard
  • Sporeling’s Firestick

When you become Exalted with Sporeggar faction you’ll get a pet and other sweet rewards:

  • Recipe: Shrouding Potion
  • Tiny Sporebat
  • Sporeggar Tabard

How to gain a reputation with Sporeggar faction?

Sporeggar reputation is earned by completing quests, killing Bog Lords, Marsh Dredgers, and Marsh Lurkers, and collecting Glowcap and Sanguine Hibiscus. Sanguine Hibiscus are found exclusively in The Underbog.

Players begin their reputation with the Sporeggar at Unfriendly, getting to Neutral by completing repeatable turn-ins of items located in western Zangarmarsh. Once you earn Neutral with the Sporeggar, you will gain access to more repeatable quests, which can be completed all the way to Exalted. Although you start the Sporeggar grind all the way at Unfriendly, it is quite a quick faction to get to Exalted with.

Unlock Sporeggar Reputation

Unfriendly to Neutral

Neutral to Friendly

Friendly to Honored

Honored to Revered

Revered to Exalted

Above you can see the how path that will help you gain reputation with Sporeggar faction.

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