WoW Classic Best Race and Class Combos Guide

Even though WoW Classic is not very new it still can be tricky to understand some important things that will influence the gaming experience. That’s why we started WoW Classic Guides section. And the first one was WoW Classic Fishing Guide. And now we will tell you how to benefit from your race and class selection. As not all races and classes work perfectly together. There are several best race and class combos in WoW classic. Which you will know about further.

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WoW Classic Class Roles
Class and Race Combinations
Best Race for each Class Overview (Alliance/Horde PvE/PvP)
List of WoW Classic Racial Traits
List of Best Races for Each Class
Best Druid Races in WoW Classic
Best Hunter Races in WoW Classic
Best Mage Races in WoW Classic
Best Paladin Races in WoW Classic
Best Priest Races in WoW Classic
Best Rogue Races in WoW Classic
Best Shaman Races in WoW Classic
Best Warlock Races in WoW Classic
Best Warrior Races in WoW Classic

WoW Classic Class Roles

WoW Classic Classes

There are three main roles in World of Warcraft classic. Some classes are maid specifically for a certain role. Other classes can combine different roles. Besides, a lot of depends on your talent branch. Below are WoW classic roles and classes that fit those roles the best.

Tank. Is a melee champion that controls minion agro and protects rest of the team. Tanks should pay a lot of attention to their toughness. Tank classes and their talent branches are:

Druid – Feral Combat

Paladin – Protection

Warrior – Protection

Healer. They are casters. But their main task is to heal party members with spells. Also, support with different counter spells and resurrect dead members of the party. Healing classes and their talent branches are:

Druid – Restoration

Paladin – Holy

Priest – Discipline, Holy

Shaman – Restoration

Damage (DPS). These characters can fight in melee or in range. Also, they can deal physical or mage damage. In any case, their task is to deal a lot of damage to enemies. But almost all of them have different mechanics, so you should pick attentively. Possible classes are:

Melee DPS

Rogue – Assassination Combat Subtlety


Ranged DPS

Hunter – Beast Mastery Marksman Survival

Mage -Arcane Fire Frost

Warlock – Affliction Demonology Destruction

Hybrid. This classes combine damage abilities and those that support and have extra utilities. Possible classes are:

Melee Hybrid

Druid – Feral Combat

Paladin – Retribution

Shaman Enhancement

Ranged Hybrid

Druid – Balance

Priest – Shadow

Shaman Elemental

A little advise. Before picking a class, you should decide what role do you want to have in the game. As a lot of enemies and content in WoW classic cannot be fulfilled alone and you will need to cooperate with others. That means that everyone will await you act according to your class role.

Class and Race Combinations

If you played only retail WoW you may not know that in World of Warcraft classic some of the classes available only for specific fraction. Shamans are limited to the Horde while Paladins are limited to the Alliance, Druids are only for Night Elves and Taurens. That makes your choice limited as well.

Class and Race Combinations

You can see all the possible WoW Classic classes and races combinations above.

Best Race for each Class Overview (Alliance/Horde PvE/PvP)

Naturally, each fraction has its best class and race combinations.


Druid – Night Elves are the only option.
Hunter – It is better to pick Night Elves due to their higher base agility.
Mage – You can pick a Gnome or a Human.
Paladin – If you decide to play for Protection or Retribution a Human is the best option.
Priest – You can pick a Human because of The Human Spirit racial ability, also you can pick a Dwarf thanks to its racial ability, Fear Ward.
Rogue – Because of Sword Specialization, a Human is the best option.
Warlock – Gnomes’ Expansive Mind makes them more preferable.
Warriors – Humans are best due to the Sword Specialization and Mace Specialization racials.


Druid – Tauren is the only option.
Hunter – You can pick Trolls for PvE due to Berserking and Bow Specialization. As for the PvP Orcs are the best due to Hardiness.
Mage – Trolls have strong Berserking DPS cooldown, which makes them more profitable in PvE. Will of the Forsaken makes Undead great for PvP.
Priest – Troll in PvE due to the powerful Berserking cooldown which increases cast speed. Undead in PvP due to Will of the Forsaken.
Rogue – Orcs are the best because of the DPS cooldown Blood Fury, as well as Trolls with their racial Berserking and situational PvE racial Beast Slaying. Will of the Forsaken makes Undead great for PvP.
Shaman – Trolls are preferable for healers and ranged DPS as Berserking increases cast and attack speed. For Melee, Orcs fit more because of Blood Fury cooldown.
Warlock – Both Orc and Forsaken have strong PvP racials. The Orc racial Command can be useful in PvE.
Warriors – Here everything depends on your gaming style. If you need regeneration then pick a Troll, if you want to play aggressively in PvP you can choose Undead or an Orc. But actually, in Horde, every race can be a successful and useful warrior.

As you may have noticed almost everything depends on two factors. The first on is you preferable playing style and the second one is a racial trait. If you pick correctly your class and race it will benefit from the trait greatly.

List of WoW Classic Racial Traits

So here is the list of all racial traits in WoW Classic.



Stoneform: Removes all poison, disease, curse, magic, and bleed effects and reduces all physical damage taken by 10% for 8 sec. 3 min cooldown.
Gun Specialization: Guns skill increased by 5.
Frost Resistance: Frost Resistance increased by 10.
Find Treasure: Allows the dwarf to sense nearby treasure, making it appear on the minimap.


Escape Artist: Removes any Snare/Root or movement speed reduction effects. 1sec cast. 1 min cooldown.
Expansive Mind: Intellect increased by 5%.
Arcane Resistance: Arcane Resistance increased by 10.
Engineering Specialist: Engineering skill increased by 15.


Diplomacy: Reputation gains increased by 10%.
The Human Spirit: Increases Spirit by 5%.
Mace Specialization: Skill with Maces and Two-Handed Maces increased by 5.
Sword Specialization: Skill with Swords and Two-Handed Swords increased by 5.
Perception: Increases stealth detection for the next 20 seconds. 3 min cooldown.

Night Elf

Shadowmeld: Activate to slip into the shadows (Stealth), reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Night Elf Rogues and Druids with Shadowmeld are more difficult to detect while stealthed.
Quickness: Dodge chance is Increased by 1%.
Wisp Spirit: Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing movement speed by 50%.
Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10.



Blood Fury: Increases attack power by 25% for 15 sec and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 sec. 2 min cooldown.
Hardiness: Chance to Resist Stun effects Increased by 25%.
Command: Damage done by Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.
Axe Specialization: Skill with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5.


War Stomp: AOE Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yards for 2 sec. 2 min cooldown.
Endurance: Total Health increased by 5%.
Cultivation: Herbalism skill increased by 15.
Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10.


Berserking: Increases your casting and attack speed by 10% to 25%. At full health, the speed increase is 10% with the effect being greater to 25% if you are low health when you activate Berserking. Lasts 10 sec. 3 min cooldown.
Regeneration: Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat.
Beast Slaying: Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%.
Throwing/Bow Specialization: Skill with Throwing/Bow Weapons increased by 5.


Will of the Forsaken: Grants immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep to break such effects. Lasts 5 sec. 2 min cooldown.
Cannibalize: When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 sec for 10 sec. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.
Underwater Breathing: Underwater breath lasts 300% longer than normal.
Shadow Resistance: Shadow Resistance increased by 10.

After taking all of this information into the account you can come to the section where you pick a race and class to play World of Warcraft classic.

List of Best Races for Each Class

Let’s discuss this topic in some extra details. we will stop on every class specifically and explain its pros and cons.

Best Druid Races in WoW Classic

Best Druid Races in WoW Classic

As we have already mentioned druids are limited only to two races. Each faction has only one option to plat a druid. Alliance druids are Night Elves and Horde druids are Taurens.

Night Elves due to Shadowmeld have specific advantages in the cat form.
While Taurens’ Endurance allows to tank a bit better in Bear form thanks to increased health.

Best Professions for Druids

When you start a new char it is worth planning its leveling. First of all, decide what professions to choose. Of course, we are talking about extra professions not the basic ones.

So if we are talking about druids the best choice is Leather-working, which combines with skinning perfectly. First of all, you can wear the crafted things yourself. Second of all, skinning can be very profitable if you sell skins in the auction.

There is another less popular match is engineering. Because of useful trinkets and bombs.

Best Hunter Races in WoW Classic

Best Hunter Races in WoW Classic

The best combo for alliance to play as a hunter is to pick a dwarf. Thanks to their gun specialization. But you can also pick a Night Elf due to their high agility score.

As for the horde, there are several options. Orcs will suit Hunters the most in PvP thanks to racial called Command and defences provided by Hardiness. But Trolls, on the other hand, have a bow specialization together with other profitable skills as Berserking and Beast Slaying.

Best Professions for Druids

Similar to druids Hunters can benefit from leatherworking and skinning as well as from engineering.

Although again engineering can be useful only because of some extra tools, which you can buy from other engineers.

Best Mage Races in WoW Classic

Best Mage Races in WoW Classic

Before we talk about the best race combo for mage it it worth mentioning the advantage of paying a mage for the Alliance. Paladins can be accessible only for this faction and they have great buffs that support mages greatly. Those buffs are Blessing of Wisdom, Blessing of Salvation and Concentration Aura. All of them will give an alliance mage a great advantage among other in bot PvE and PvP.

Both fractions have to races to choose from. It is believed that Gnomes are the best for alliance mages. Although, Humans are good as well. So consider picking a race that you would enjoy playing.

As for the Horde. First of all, you will have access to Shaman totem auras. Such as Tranquil Air Totem and Mana Spring Totem. As for the races you will need to choose from Undead or Trolls.

It is believed that Undead is the perfect pick for mages in PvE and PvP. But if you like to play more safely you could pick a Troll. Everything depends on your playing style. And on the specialization that you choose. But that is a topic for a separate guide.

Best Professions for Mages

Traditionally it is great to pick professions that will give you personal benefits in addition to profit. As mages wear cloth it is reasonable to pick tailoring.

Another good choice is engineering. Or also you can pick Alchemy and herbalism to make potions for yourself.

Best Paladin Races in WoW Classic

Best Paladin Races in WoW Classic

Only alliance races can be Paladins. So you will need to pick whether a human or a dwarf. Each of them has advantages.

It is preferable to pick a human for PvE and PvP due to double weapon specializations (sword and mace).

On the other hand, if you want to play in a PvP server then you might like dwarf more. Thanks to its Stoneform ability that removes different debuffs such as Blind.

Best Professions for Paladins

Paladins can wear plate, so blacksmithing and mining is a perfect match.

Although, you can consider picking engineering. Again because of useful bombs (Goblin Sapper Charge) and special toys (Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan) that no other profession can match.

Best Priest Races in WoW Classic

Best Priest Races in WoW Classic

If you are willing to play PvE for alliance then Dwarf is the best choice. Primarily due to Fear Ward, which is indispensable in many raid dungeon and raid encounters.

But you can also pick a human if you would like to play a Holy priest. This specialization has good compilation with human racials.

Even though the Horde has two races that can be priests the best choice is to pick an Undead. Especially if you want to be a Shadow Priest and play in PvP.

Best Professions for Priests

Priests have a wider choice for professions. As usual, you can pick tailoring to craft clothes for yourself and sell bags.

But also you can consider picking Enchanting or Alchemy. If you choose alchemy it goes better with herbalism.

Best Rogue Races in WoW Classic

Best Rogue Races in WoW Classic

Alliance has two options. PvE rogue is usually a human due to its weapon specializations (sword and mace), which is important on many bosses. As for PvP then you should play for a gnome. Thanks to their racial ability Escape Artist, they won’t get caught.

Horde players usually pick an orc for rogue due to their racial abilities Blood Fury (extra cooldown) and Hardiness (increased resistance to crowd control). Trolls can be good while levelling thanks to high regeneration, but they are less effective in the end game.

Best Professions for Rogues

Traditionally the best option is to choose a profession to craft something useful for your self. In rogue’s turn it can be leatherworking that pairs with skinning.

On the other hand you can always pick engineering, which is profitable for any race and class.

Best Shaman Races in WoW Classic

Best Shaman Races in WoW Classic

Shaman is a unique class for the Horde only. There you can choose to play for an orc, tauren or a troll.

But it is common to pick Orcs in all content, as Axe Specialization, Blood Fury, and Hardiness provide great benefits in PvE and PvP.

As in many other options Trolls are good while levelling because of high regeneration, but in the end game content Orcs are still better.

Best Professions for Shamans

For Shaman except engineering you can take blacksmithing or leatherworking.

Blacksmithing pairs with mining, while leatherworking pairs with skinning.

Best Warlock Races in WoW Classic

Best Warlock Races in WoW Classic

We have already mentioned in the beginning that Gnome is a perfect match for alliance warlock. Due to the increased output granted by Expansive Mind, and the defensive benefit of Escape Artist in PvP.

As for the Horde . On one hand, Undead can control fear, which gives it great advantage. On the other hand, Orcs are extremely good for PvE due to the ability to sacrifice their pet for damage. In PvP Orcs are good due to Hardiness.

Best Professions for Warlocks

Warlocks car wear cloth. So tailoring will be useful to craft some good things for your gear.

Also, you can pick universal engineering or mining for selling ores. Because you will find a lot of it if you start for any race with a warlock.

Best Warrior Races in WoW Classic

Best Warrior Races in WoW Classic

Best alliance warriors are humans due to their dual weapon specialization. And gnomes due to their Escape artist racial trait.

As for the Horde players. If you want to play aggressive and benefit from damage dealing passives pick an orc. If you’d rather stay on a safe side a troll is a great option.

Best Professions for Warriors

To craft youself a gear you can pick blacksmithing and pair it with mining.

If you will level alone you can consider becoming an alchemist to craft healing potions. Pair it with herbalism.

We hope that our WoW Classic Best Race and Class Combos Guide will help you make a wise choice. But don’t forget that your main task is to have fun!

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