WoW Classic DPS Rankings Tier List for Phase 5

Everyone has already done everything they wanted in Temple of Ahn’Qiraj and Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj in Classic WoW and now are eagerly waiting for Phase 5 release. The opening of Naxxramas is coming really soon so we have written this post to help you get ready for it. Read on to see DPS Rankings Tier List for Phase 5 in WoW Classic.

We are aware the not only damaging characters are useful in WoW Classic. There are a lot of supporting abilities like buffs and controls that will come in use during the raid. We designed our tier list the way you could choose the appropriate WoW Classic class to deal the most damage and be useful for your team mates. But it all depends on your build, gear, general understanding of the game, skills and lots of other stuff.

WoW Classic DPS Rankings Tier List

We’d like to share with you data from Warcraftlogs that shows the statistics of the most damaging classes. Note that these data are not showing specs, meaning that you cannot deal so much damage with tank warrior spec. So the graph shows Arms and Fury. Moreover, a lot of players combine different talents from several specs for their builds therefore, the table indicates the DPS class instead of a specific spec.

WoW Classic DPS Tier List

WoW Classic DPS Tier List






DPS Warrior 

DPS Rogue

Fire Mage

Feral Druid

DPS Priest

DPS Warlock

DPS Hunter

DPS Paladin

Frost Mage

DPS Shaman

Balance Druid

S Tier


With no doubt warriors are the most powerful in WoW Classic. It is easy to level as they deal a lot of damage. And when it comes to 3-4 targets they have no equal in dealing with them using cleave attack.

A Tier


Rogues are one of the most powerful melee fighter in WoW Classic after warriors. But warriors are still more specialized in several opponents, while rogues have no equal in fighting single targets. In the raid though everything will depend on you gear. So if you spend your time to get the top raiding gear for rogue you’ll experience the best time raiding in WoW.

B Tier

Mages and Warlocks

When you level up as a caster you will find it difficult to deal a lot of unbreakable damage sessions due to lack of mana. But starting from Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj they start scaling damage thanks to lots of damaging spells and powers. But mana can still be a problem though.

C Tier

Feral Druids, Hunters and Shamans

These classes are considered as middle damage but they have strong utility abilities. So taking into the account Shaman’s totems, Druid’s buffs and Hunter’s traps in addition to the damage they deal you will find these classes useful in raids.

D Tier

Priests, Paladins and Balance Druids

Regarding DPS these classes are off meta. They are not good in dealing damage and you shouldn’t count on a place in raid if you play these classes as damaging ones.

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