WoW Classic Phase 6 PvP Objectives and Events Guide

When World of Warcraft Classic Phase 6 becomes active and reopens Shadow of the Necropolis the Scourge Invasion is not the only event that will appear before Naxxramas opening. The other great thing is World PvP events that will take place in high-level zones: The Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus. In this guide, we will tell you about the Eastern Plaguelands Game of Towers and The Silithyst Must Flow event in Silithus.

Eastern Plaguelands Game of Towers

The Eastern Plaguelands is the most active zone during phase 6. A large number of players will be concentrated here during the Scourge Invasion and even more, players will try to take control over four towers. Roughly speaking, the whole point of the event is to gain and maintain control over all four towers. To take control over a tower you need to collect more players of your faction in its zone and kill other faction players to check the tower first.

Towers Location

There are four towers located in The Eastern Plaguelands.

  • Crown Guard Tower to the south
  • Eastwall Tower near Light’s Hope Chapel
  • Northpass Tower to the north
  • Plaguewood Tower in the northwest
Towers Location

You can see all of them circled in the map above. As you can see two of them are very close one to each other. Meaning Northpass Tower and Eastwall Tower it is better to start you capturing from these two towers and protect them until others take control of Crown Guard Tower. If your faction controls three towers you can all rush for the fourth one Plaguewood Tower. After that, don’t forget to save your towers as you will need to start all over again. In addition, each of the towers has its attributes and that will help you to take control over the other towers.

Towers attributes

For each tower that your faction controls all players in the Eastern Plaguelands get Echoes of Lordaeron buff. It increases player’s faction spell and melee damage against the undead creatures by 1% and by 5% if your faction controls all the towers.

The Crown Guard Tower attributes: all faction gets access to the graveyard just north of the tower.
The Eastwall Tower attributes: a group of support units will be sent to Northpass Tower when you take control over this tower.
The Northpass Tower attributes: grants faction members active item that activates 30 minutes 5% hit point buff.
The Plaguewood Tower attributes: get access to Ghost Flight Master that will give you a lift to any of other towers.

As you can see there are some good supporting attributes and it is worth trying to get control over some of them. The most popular one usually is The Northpass Tower so get ready to fight there.

The Silithyst Must Flow

This one is not about the undead but about the mysterious dust in Silithus. Both factions find it useful and valuable so you will need to do your best in this PvP event to get desired rewards. Your task will be to get Silithyst red crystalline dust that reaches the surface through geysers exclusive to the Silithus desert. Please, note that originally this event was added in patch 1.12 and might be activated after Naxxramas.

There two camps where you can turn in dust that you collect. One camp per each faction. You can see their locations in the map below.

The Silithyst Must Flow Camps Locations

Also, there is going to be the race. The aim is to collect 200 Silithyst sooner than the opponent faction. You can hold only one Silithyst at once so after you collect it from a geyser rush to the camp to turn it in and continue the race.

The Silithyst Must Flow Rewards

For a single turn-in you get

  • 20 Reputation with the Cenarion Circle faction.
  • 19 Honor points.

If your faction wins the race you will also get a zone buff that increases Cenarion Circle reputation gained from killing monsters by 25%. This buff will be active in the whole Silithus for all faction members including the Ahn’Qiraj instances. The buff will remain until server reset. After that, the race will start again and the buff will disappear.

In addition, you will get Traces of Silithyst buff that increases Melee and Spell damage dealt by 5% for turning in Silithyst for 30 minutes.

We hope you find our WoW Classic Phase 6 PvP Objectives and Events Guide useful. If so, share it with your friends, please.

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