WoW Classic Scourge Invasion Guide

We will soon meet the sixth phase in World of Warcraft Classic and that means a lot of preparation. All Classic players are waiting for Naxxramas opening. But before that, you will need to do some pre-quests and get ready. Today you will learn about WoW Classic Scourge Invasion in our guide.

What is the Scourge Invasion?

Scourge Invasion is an event that first took place in Shadow of the Necropolis patch 1.11 in WoW Classic. It was the first questline that would make you ready for the Naxxramas opening. The second time Scourge Invasion appeared before the Wreath of the Lich King expansion. But this guide will cover the information only about World of Warcraft Classic.

During this event, you will need to complete quests and protect Azeroth from Scourge Invasion. You will need to monitor the situation and representatives of the Argent Dawn where exactly your help is required. Be ready to visit different zones and event such dungeons as Stratholme, the Scholomance, Dire Maul, the Scarlet Monastery, Shadowfang Keep and the Razorfen Downs. But when necropolises appear near Stormwind and Undercity prepare for the greater Assult.

Necropolises Invasions

Necropolises will appear in high-level zones and over the capitals. The list of zones where you’ll the Scourge Invasion is below.

  • Eastern Plaguelands
  • Burning Steppes
  • Blasted Lands
  • Tanaris
  • Azshara
  • Winterspring

Moreover, there will be particular places in these zones where necropolises will spawn. You will see them marked with purple skulls in your in-game maps. Also, you can see all the places where necropolises can appear below in Scourge Invasion locations map.

Scourge Invasion location

Please, note that invasions near the major cities are there to give you the introductory level invasions. You will take the quest from Argent Dawn NPCs to participate in them.

Also, you will see specific invasion from time to time in Stormwind and Undercity. You can ignore them as attacking monsters are neutral to players. But if you want to get extra necrotic runes or Argent Dawn reputation points it is worth killing them. In addition, you will see elite monsters (Pallid Horror) trying to kill city leaders you can interfere to wait until someone else deal with them and interact with a dead Necrotic Shard to begin a side quest.

Necrotic Runes

You will need this type of currency to stop an invasion and destroy a necropolis. Where can you get Necrotic runes? They drop from the undead that guard necropolis. Usually, they are wandering next to necrotic shards. But the major amount of them you will receive for killing Shadows of Doom.

Note that after completing the Under the Shadow quest you can turn in Necrotic Runes to the Argent Quartermaster at Light’s Hope Chapel or in camps in your faction capital city to get rewards.

30  [Gloves of Undead Cleansing]Cloth
30  [Handwraps of Undead Slaying]Leather
30  [Handguards of Undead Slaying]Mail
30  [Gauntlets of Undead Slaying]Plate
 [Blessed Wizard Oil]Weapon enchant
 [Consecrated Sharpening Stone]Weapon enchant
15  [Major Mana Potion]Consumable
15  [Major Healing Potion]Consumable
10  [Tabard of the Argent Dawn]Tabard

In addition, you can get necrotic runes for killing Flameshockers during Stormwind and Undercity invasions.

Necrotic Shards

These shards are the first step to destroying a necropolis. You will see them in the places where your map is marked with a purple skull. Necrotic Shards will be on the ground surrounded by the undead. Your task is to weaken necrotic shards.

How to destroy a necropolis?

When you arrive at the location marked with the purple skull in the map, you’ll see the necrotic shards on the ground guarded by the undead. There will be plenty of them, but they won’t be tough. Defeat them to weaken the necrotic shard until its strength reaches zero.

After that, you will see Cultist Engineers appear trying to heal the shard. Your task is to disrupt them with 8 Necrotic Runes. Then in their places will appear Shadows of Doom. Shadow of Doom is an elite mob of the 70th level. Defeat all four Shadows of Doom to destroy the Necrotic Shard. Which, buy the way will heal nearby players for 10,000 and grant them a powerful buff.

Now to finally destroy the necropolis you need to repeat your actions again and destroy every Necrotic Shard attached to the necropolis. If you succeed flying citadels won’t appear in that place for the lasting period of time. Defeat all the necropolises to clear the zone and stop the invasion, but in keep in mind that sooner or later they will return again.

How to farm Argent Dawn reputation?

The easiest way is to stop the invasion and destroy necropolises the way we described above. Every undead killed next to a necrotic shard will grant you 5 reputation points before it reaches the highest ‘honored’ level.

For killing a Shadow of Doom you will get 50 reputation points.

Also, you need to obtain the Argent Dawn Commission (the lowest one), the Seal of the Dawn, or the Rune of the Dawn and equip one of them to receive specific drop: Invader’s Scourgestone, or Corruptor’s Scourgestone. Turn them into the Argent Dawn NPCs to get RP. The following Argent Dawn NPCs accept Invader’s Scourgestones:

  • Nicholas Zverenhoff at Light’s Hope Chapel (the Eastern Plaguelands) – Alliance
  • Argent Officer Garush at The Bulwark (the border of Tirisfal Glades and the Western Plaguelands) – Horde
  • Argent Officer Pureheart at Chillwind Camp (the Western Plaguelands) – Horde

And the last way is to complete all the quests related to the Scourge Invasion.

In addition, participate in protecting Stormwind or Undercity from the invasions. For killing each of the Flameshockers you will get 5 reputation points (at Honored).


There are numerous rewards for stopping the invasion. You have seen some of them in the table above, further, we will provide some extra notes about the loot and rewards you get for Scourge Invasion.

Marks of the Dawn

These are active items that can be used from your inventory. You can get them from new NPC at Lights Hope Chapel and in your faction capital for winning a specific amount of battles on the server.

Battles wonNPCItemBonus
50H Argent Dawn Initiate / A Argent Dawn Paladin [Lesser Mark of the Dawn]1 Stamina for every 6 levels for 1 Hour (10 Stamina at 60)
100H Argent Dawn Cleric / A Argent Dawn Crusader [Mark of the Dawn]1 Stamina for every 3 levels for 1 Hour (20 Stamina at 60)
150H Argent Dawn Priest / A Argent Dawn Champion [Greater Mark of the Dawn]1 Stamina for every 2 levels for 1 Hour (30 Stamina at 60)

Additional loot

Also, you have a chance to collect the Undead Slaying set. The parts of it might drop from Shadows of Doom and from rare spawns at each of the Shards (Bone Witch, Lumbering Horror and Spirit of the Damned).

If you want to learn the story of these events and learn more about the Lich King you can collect 6 pages of letters that drop from necrotic shards. Start a quest the Keeper of the Rolls in Light’s Hope Chapel and read the letters. You will learn a lot from them about the history from the Warcraft III. And as a little reward you will befriend with a new NPC that will sell you Freshly-Squeezed Lemonade (2934 mana over 30 secs) and Friendship Bread (2148 health over 30 secs).

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