WoW Classic: The Argent Dawn Reputation Guide

Earlier we wrote that in order to be admitted to Naxxramas, you will need to level up your reputation with The Argent Dawn at least to the Honored mark. In this guide, we will tell you how to raise reputation with The Argent Dawn in World of Warcraft classic.

Argent Dawn Reputation Sources

There are several ways how you can raise reputation with Argent Dawn. We will tell you about them below.

Undead Mobs in the Plaguelands

The easiest way to gain reputation with Argent Dawn is by killing undead mobs in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands (and in dungeons – Scholomance and Stratholme). However, you can get reputation in this way up to a certain point:

  • Normal Undead mobs in Western and Eastern Plaguelands will grant reputation until Honored (Friendly 5999/6000).
  • Elite mobs in Western and Eastern Plaguelands and in Scholomance or Stratholme will grant reputation until Revered (Honored 11999/12000).
  • Bosses in Scholomance or Stratholme will grant reputation up to Exalted.

So if you want to gain reputation points faster after reaching Friendly you’ll need to combine different options.

Plaguelands Quests

Argent Dawn Reputation Guide Alliance

The quests that will be given by members of the Argent Dawn faction in the Western and Eastern Plaguelands will also bring a lot of reputation for completing them. There is also a special type of quests – Cauldron quests. These are repeatable quests that will become available after completing the quest chain. Starting quest: The Scourge Cauldrons – Alliance and Horde. By farming certain reagents and donating them on one of the 4 Cauldrons you will get reputation which is one of the best ways to get it. After all, every quest, including Cauldron quests, allow you to get reputation up to Exalted.


Argent Dawn Reputation Guide Horde

Another way to boost your reputation with The Argent Dawn all the way to Exalted. On killing undead mobs in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands (and in Scholomance or Stratholme) you will receive as a drop Scourgestones. Provided that you are equipped special trinket – Argent Dawn Commission. You can get it by talking to your faction’s Argent Dawn Officer:

  • Alliance – Argent Officer Pureheart (located at Chillwind Camp, Western Plaguelands);
  • Horde – Argent Officer Garush (located at the Bulwark, Tirisfal Glades).




Minion's Scourgestone


Argent Dawn Valor Token

Use: Increase your reputation permanently with the Argent Dawn by 25.

Invader's Scourgestone


Corruptor's Scourgestone


How to get Argent Dawn reputation up to Exalted?

Most efficient way is:

  1. Kill undead mobs in the Eastern and Western Plagueland (or dungeons) and keep Scourgestones until Honored;
  2. Farm Scholomance and Stratholme and keep Scourgestones until Revered;
  3. Spend your Scourgestones, complete quests in Eastern and Western Plagueland, turn-in Cauldron quests and farm bosses in Scholomance and Stratholme to Exalted.

Benefits of Argent Dawn reputation

  1. The Argent Dawn vendors will offer better food and recipes once your reputation achieves a new level
  2. The number of Insignias you need to collect to obtain the Argent Dawn-specific Rare and Epic items decreases with higher reputation
  3. Argent Dawn shoulder enchants (at Revered +5 to single resistance and at Exalted +5 to all resistance)
  4. Getting attuned to Naxxramas is less costly:
    • Honored: 5 Arcane Crystals, 2 Nexus Crystals, 1 Righteous Orb, and 60 gold.
    • Revered: 2 Arcane Crystals, 1 Nexus Crystal, and 30 gold.
    • Exalted: No cost.

Many of these options are already available in WoW Classic and will remain when phase 6 arrives. It means that you can start preparing for Naxxramas right now!

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