WoW Classic Traveling Guide – Flight Points, Ships and more

World of Warcraft Classic has enormous territories of the fantasy world. It is beautiful and dangerous with picturesque views and wonderful creatures. It would take hours to walk from the north to south. And swim from one continent to another is simply impossible. That’s why WoW Classic has a specific way of travelling around the territories. Read more in our WoW Classic Traveling Guide – Flight Points, Ships and more.

Flight Points

Each faction Alliance and Horde has Flight Masters, NPCs whose job is to bring you to the other camp. Alliance and Horde players can use only those Flight Masters who are relevant to their faction. You won’t know all the flight routes. To open a flight point you need to find a Flight Master (you will see a green exclamation mark above him) and interact with him.

Alliance side uses mainly gryphons but on Kalimdor you will also see Hippogryph Masters. As for the Horde, they use mainly Wind Rider Masters but in the Eastern Kingdoms you’ll also see Bat Handlers.

There are also neutral flight points that both factions can use. It is goblins territory and you will find them in Ratchet, The Barrens and Marshal’s Refuge, Un’goro Crater.

All flight points of one faction are connected with each other. Sometimes when you fly from one point to another you’ll grey spots between two routes. Those points are flight points that you haven’t opened yet, so you will fly through them, but you cannot make a stop there. Also, flight points can be used only for inner-continental flights. If you need to get from Kalimdor to the Eastern Kingdoms or vice verse, you’ll need to use a ship or a zeppelin. Unlike flight points, ships and zeppelins are free of charge.

Alliance Flight Points

Below you can see the maps of Alliance flight routes and points. Blue points refer to Alliance and yellow ones are refer to neutral flight points.

Below under spoiler you can see the list of all Alliance Flight Master.

Horde Flight Points

Below you can see the maps of Horde flight routes and points. Red points refer to Horde and yellow ones are refer to neutral flight points.

Below under spoiler you can see the list of all Horde Flight Master.

Faction and Neutral Ship Routes


Ships are Alliance’s transport. You can take a ship in one of the ports on Alliance territory to travel to another port. In addition to that there are also goblins’ ships which are neutral and can used by both factions running between Booty Bay and Ratchet. Horde can use Alliance ships, but only if they can avoid (or deal with) the guards on the docks.

Ship Traveling Routes

Rut’theran Village < > Auberdine

Auberdine < > Menethil Harbor

Menethil Harbor < > Theramore

Booty Bay < > Ratchet

Deeprun Tram

Deeprun Tram

Deeprun Tram is an underground train. It is the fastest and safest way to get from Ironforge to Stormwind. You will find a portal in Stormwind City in Dwarven District that will take you to the station. In Ironforge you can find the same portal in Tinker Town. The train stays on a station for 10 seconds and then travels to its destination. It takes 1 minute to travel between Stormwind and Ironforge by Deeprun Tram.

Traveling Route

Stormwind City < > Ironforge



There are three Zeppelin towers in World of Warcraft Classic. They are located mainly in Horde cities and territories. Two zeppelins are used to cross between Kalimdor and East Kingdoms, and the third flyes all the length of East Kingdoms. Sometimes it gets hard to remember where to wait for Zeppelin you need as towers in Durotar, Tirisfal Glades, and Stranglethorn Vale all service two zeppelin routes. In case you forgot, find one of two zeppelin masters on a tower and ask what route it serves.

Zeppelin Traveling Routes

Orgrimmar < > Undercity

Orgrimmar < > Grom’gol

Undercity < > Grom’gol

As you can see there are a lot o ways to travel from one continent to another. Some of them are hard to find and dangerous to get to, but it is why we all love WoW Classic isn’t it?

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