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World of Warcraft is one of the most interesting and diverse MMO games. In order for players to feel as confident as possible and be able to diversify their appearance and express their identity in WoW there are a lot of cosmetics. But today we’d like to discuss some of the rarest and the most envious mounts in World of Warcraft. Our list consists of mounts of all existing add-ons. Some of them can no longer be obtained and this makes them truly rare.

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List of the rarest World of Warcraft mounts now

Our list is created in random order. You can note in comments which ones you like the best and how may of our list you obtain!

1 White Riding Camel

WoW White Riding Camel

You can get it from World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. And that’s what makes it rare. The fact is you could get it back in 2012, when the game released. As for the current situation, White Riding Camel is extremely hard to get. You can buy it online or from other players, but there is not a chance you get it from a drop. But there is a slight chance to get it as a potential reward from the Tomb of the Forgotten expansion after patch 4.3.

2 Caravan Brutosaur

Caravan Brutosaur

This one you can get via farming gold. But it is a very hard task as you will need 5 million gold to buy it from vendor. That’s the main reason why it a rare find at other players’ stock.

After the Shadowlands releases in November 2020, Caravan Brutosaur will be possible to get only at the Black Market Auction House. You can only imagine what will be the price then.

3 Swift Shorestrider

Swift Shorestrider

Another gift for participating in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. There is only 1% of the player who has Swift Shorestrider. Which is understandable as you can get it with a really low chance from The Wasteland Tallstrider card in Throne of the Tides expansion pack. And the chance is 1/484 packs. As for the real market. You can buy it on eBay for $100. I guess that’s the answer to 1% of player who actually got it.

4 Big Love Rocket

Big Love Rocket

You can get this mount during the Love is in the Air event that runs from February 8th to the 21st in World of Warcraft. It can drop from the Heart-Shaped Box with a 0.03% chance.

Moreover, you have only 1 chance a day to get it get it during the event. So you’ll need to be really lucky to get this one.

5 The Swift Zhevra

The Swift Zhevra

To get this mount there was a certain condition, namely to invite a friend to the game. recruit a friend as it called. Now there is another recruiting system with new rewards. That’s why Swift Zhevra was locked. Another reason why it is rare is that along with The Swift Zhevra it was possible to get a flying mount that can accommodate two players. Which is more useful in any case. Nevertheless, you can still buy this mount from other players.

6 Invincible


Blood boils in your veins when you look at this stallion. Especially aware that it was the Lich King, Arthas who rode it. There was a 0.78% chance to receive Invincible from 25 people heroic in World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King expansion. You can still try to get it there if you like. But as the chance o low you will be really lucky if you get it.

7 Swift Zulian Tiger

Swift Zulian tiger wow

Before the patch 4.3 you could get it a drop from Zul’gurub. As it was raid and thee chance of drop was less than 1% it’s been a hard job to get Swift Zulian Tiger. Now you can still get it but only via the Black Market Auction House. Later tigers were a rare mount, especially for Horde. So it was a lucky bit.

8 Big Blizzard Bear

Big Blizzard Bear WoW

You could get it only via the Blizzcon 2008 promotion. everyone who bought the ticket on Blizzcon 2008 or ordered Blizzcon 2008 direct TV life got Big Blizzard Bear. There was no other chance to get it and that’s the reason so many players have it now.

But there is a little chance that you could find it and buy it from other players. But now it costs around $1000.

9 Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent is not only a beautiful mount. It is also a very rare one. You can still get it via drop from Panderian World Boss Sha of Anger. It is located in Kun-Lai Summit zone. I personally have seen a great crowd of players who try to get it. You need to know the schedule when Sha of Anger appears and be there before to get a chance to hit it at least. It may take you more than 1000 times to kill this Sha in order to get Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent.

10 Black Qiraji Battle Tank

Black Qiraji Battle Tank

Black Qiraji Battle Tank is the only Legendary mount in World of Warcraft. You can get it only once per server at the opening of Ahn’qiraj, which is going to be possible now in Classic WoW, by the way. You will need to have the Scepter of the Shifting Sands and hit Scarab Dais Gong. BUT only those who hit the gong in the FIRST 10 hours after the first player hits it will get Black Qiraji Battle Tank. It makes it desirable and extremely rare mount in World of Warcraft. To get it in Classic you’ll need to complete a lot of pre-quests though.

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