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An idea of creating this blog came to us when we were walking around the park. We have been choosing a new game to play and realized that it is really hard to find a fresh game as there is a lack of reviews about newly come indie games on the Internet. So we decided to create Expert Game Reviews to let people know about all the games we play and found of to share our experience and knowledge.

Even though we are hardly can be called gaming experts we have a great gaming experience. Moreover, we are about to start some special rubrics with interviews with real gaming experts to provide you even with more qualified content.

This is a team of our authors

Since early childhood I was found of gaming. I played Doom 2, Red alert 2 (with all possible DLCs) and, of course, The Sims. I grew up but my passion didn't go away. So now I am writing about the staff I love the most: video games!
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I have been playing video games since childhood. I started my gaming experience from Heroes of Might and Magic III and Diablo II. After that I continued exploring different MMOs, RPGs and console gaming. Now I am a gamer and blogger.
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