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SMITE Season 8 is here!
New 8th season in SMITE is here! Check out what’s new is going to be in the game. New Conquest Map Conquest gets an overhauled look in Season 8 inspired by Baylonian myth. The goddess TIamat has banished Cthulhu, and cleansed the battlegrounds of his dark influence. But in doing so, she’s remade the world...
Wild Rift – Ashe’s Trial Details
New event in Wild Rift has started! See the whole power of AD carry with Ashe’s Trial event. Check out details and rewards below. Ashe’s Trial Dates You can see when Ashe’s Trial begins and ends below. Start – January 26th, 2021 / 00:00:00 UTCEnd – January 30th, 2021 / 23:59:59 UTC During this period...
Pearl Abyss to Begin Self-Publishing Black Desert Online
The MMORPG will change publishers in time for the game’s five-year anniversary. Today, Pearl Abyss announced it will take over publishing rights for Black Desert Online in North America and Europe. This means Pearl Abyss will control publishing rights for the entire Black Desert franchise on all platforms, including current and next-gen consoles, PC, and mobile devices, excluding the...
Explore Life Content and Obtain Special Rewards in Black Desert SEA
Pearl Abyss announced today that various in-game events involving Life Content have arrived in Black Desert SEA. Adventurers can now increase their Like Skills through these events and claim valuable rewards.  New Life Content “Runaway Chickens” is now available at Bartali Farm. 10 chickens will try to escape from the farm when morning dawns. Adventurers must...
Diablo IV Skill Points and Talent Trees System
Diablo IV is a new generation of aRPGs. As any modern game of such genre, it will include systems that will help you customize your character. To achieve this you will see Diablo IV Skill Points and Talent Trees System. Diablo IV Skill Points You will be able to earn skill points by levelling up...
SMITE New 8th Season and other news
Read on to learn more about SMITE season 8 and in-game events during January 25-31. SMITE Season 8 Season 8 goes live on Tuesday!! Get ready for all kinds of changes, including the new Conquest Map, new Most Wanted Battle Pass, new Starter Items, Dawn of Babylon Event, and more! Make sure you’ve checked the Update...
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Dawn of Man Review
Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the primitive world. Start your journey at the origins of civilization and develop up to the Iron Age along with Dawn of Man. In our review, you will know more about the game and its gameplay. Dawn of Man is a unique game about the development of civilization. And...
Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Review
This game recently appeared in the Early Access Game on Steam. As the developers assure, this is an ambitious Single-Player Roguelike Card Adventure. And despite the abundance of games of this genre, this game was able to stand out from the rest with its unique aspects. Deadly world of Arzu Players will find a dangerous...
Rune Knights Review
Rune Knights is an action RPG with lots of loot and online Co-op. Despite the fact that the game is still in Early Access, the game looks very good and has a lot of content (from 5 to 30 hours of play time, depending on how many characters you want to level up). Players will...
Party Animals Review
Party Animals is a fun and addicting physics-based party game. It is ideal for a company, as up to eight people can play it at the same time! This game will definitely become a hit for those who want to have fun with friends, cooperating and competing with each other. At the moment, the game...
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Unmerciful Mishaps | Best Gaming Moments of the Week
Are you absolute legends ready for a week jam-packed with the smallest amount of mercy you’ve ever seen? The theme of this week is unmerciful mishaps. Mercy is for the weak, which makes our heroes here the strongest, unluckiest, deadest guys around! Let’s break down the clips together and vote for which one you think...
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