Diablo III

The Darkening of Tristram Returns January 3, 2021!
Diablo’s anniversary is right around the corner, along with the Darkening of Tristram event! Whether you’re a series veteran craving nostalgia, or a newcomer hungry for your first taste of the franchise’s past, this annual loving homage to the earliest days of Diablo is for you. Read on for more, including a closer look at...
Diablo 3 Legacy of Dreams Frozen Orb Wizard Build
The Legacy of Dreams gem gives more options and freedom of choice of equipment and skills than Delsere’s Magnum Opus set. In this case, you will not be limited to just one damage spell – most of the time will be spent on channelling Arcane Torrent. Thanks to Mantle of Channeling and Deathwish, this will...
Diablo 3 Best Builds for All Classes
In this post, you will find all the best Diablo 3 builds that we have on our website. No matter what Diablo playstyle have you got you will find a build that fits you the most. We keep all the builds up to date and make all necessary editions with every game change to keep...
Diablo 3 Delsere’s Magnum Opus Energy Twister Wizard Build
This offbeat build does an excellent job of clearing both regular and Greater Rifts. A large amount of control and high damage allow you to quickly kill not only elite packs, but also bosses. You have two excellent skills in your arsenal – Slow Time and Black Hole, which will prevent monsters from getting close...
Diablo 3 Pestilence Support Necromancer Build
Support builds are significantly inferior in damage to the rest of the group. But what makes them special is the utility buffs. Support Necromancer brings several useful things to the group at once – health globe generating, AoE slow and damage reduction, Crit buff and damage increasing buffs (from Strongarm Bracers and Oculus Ring). This...
Diablo 3 Pestilence Master’s Shroud Corpse Lance Necromancer Build
This build is capable of clearing high-level Greater Rifts effortlessly, killing demons in a matter of seconds. All you need is a large number of corpses and Devour, which thanks to the Pestilence Master’s Shroud set will fire a Corpse Lance at a nearby enemy. The only downside is the dependence on skills with a...
Diablo 3 Legacy of Dreams Poison Dart Witch Doctor Build
If earlier the Poison Dart build was based on Zunimassa’s Haunt set, then with the addition of Legacy of Dreams to the game, an alternative version of the build opened. This build has its advantages – more control thanks to Piranhas and Horrify, good damage reduction, especially with Spirit Walk and the additional barrier in...
Diablo 3 Spirit of Arachyr Firebats Witch Doctor Build
Classic caster build. At your disposal is the main damage skill – Firebats, and utility skills that will boost damage or apply CC. It should be remembered that Hex should be used on a cooldown, because it is the main source of damage reduction. Piranhas will help keep monsters in place, and in critical situations,...
Diablo 3 Delsere’s Magnum Opus Frozen Orb Wizard Build
If you want to play the classic FO Sorceresses from D2 again, this build is the most similar to it. Arcane Orb together with Frozen Orb will destroy all demons in its path, leaving behind only mountains of loot. Delsere’s Magnum Opus set will allow you to slow down opponents with Slow Time, which will...
Diablo 3 Uliana’s Stratagem Seven-Sided Strike Monk Build
This build is capable of destroying huge numbers of demons in just a few hits. The main thing is to correctly collect a large pack of monsters, apply Exploding Palm and detonate it with Seven-Sided Strike. Thanks to Gungdo Gear, this will cause a chain reaction and the entire pack of monsters will be instantly...
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