Diablo 2 Resurrected Classes’ Builds

Diablo 2 Resurrected is a classical aRPG where your main task is not only to beat the final boss but to find the best gear that suits your build to be prepared for even more difficult challenges. Though Diablo 2 Resurrected has some changes compared to the classical Diablo 2 the most builds from D2 will fit the new version of the game. But keep in mind that Diablo 2 is an old game and D2 Resurrected is practically the same old game with new graphics and some quality of life changes. Don’t expect that you can collect the needed items for the chosen build fast and easy like in Diablo 3 for example. With that in mind, we decided to write this post, where you will find links to all D2 classes where we have collected all D2 Resurrected builds. Below you can see the links to builds grouped by classes, we have made both top builds and starter builds for D2. And in the end, you’ll find some tips to make your build work even if your gear is not full yet.

Builds by Class

Below you can see the list of all Diablo 2 Resurrected classes and links that lead to the post with all related top builds. In some time we will also add starter builds for every class. We have decided to write both starter and top builds as the last can be very difficult to obtain, so players will need to know what to start with.

Before you proceed to pick the best D2 build for you read these tips on how to use them. You will see that skills are broken down into skill trees. They are also prioritized – the most important first, then the rest. Therefore, as soon as they become available, they should be maxed out first.

Each build contains a final example of your character’s equipment and mercenary. Most of which are end-game items, which will be quite difficult to obtain. Therefore, while passing the game and levelling the character, focus on such affixes:

  • Defense
  • Life
  • Resistances

For casters, things with the following are the best:

  • + to specific Skill/All Skills
  • Faster Cast Rate
  • Mana

For melee and bow/spear:

  • Minimum/Maximum Damage
  • Attack Rating (chance to hit)
  • Attack Speed and Life / Mana Leech.

Additional tips:

At the very beginning of the game, there can be problems with mana, especially for casters. Don’t forget to buy mana potions in the city, this will make the game much easier. You can also invest several points in Energy (10-50), even if the build says not to level up this stat. By the time you level up your character and get good equipment, a lot of time will pass. And when you no longer have problems with mana, you can respec the stats/skills from Akara. Watch out for mana cost – many skills cost more mana with each level. At the beginning of the game, this can be critical – therefore, it would be wiser to level Synergy for this spell, this will increase its efficiency, while not increasing its mana cost.

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