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Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale

Today we will tell you so,e words about Steam Grand Prix Summer Sale event. It is already live, so you can participate as fast as you read our article. The event stared on 25th June and will continue up to 8th of July 2019. So hurry up to get your rewards.

Steam Grand Prix – Main rules

before you join check your Steam wish list. As the games you add there may become the rewards for your participation in the race. After that you can join from their official web-page (don’t forget to login first). Their you will also see the main rules of Steam Grand Prix.

The main aim is to complete quests and get as much points as you can. This time you can cooperate with you friends to get the rewards faster. But also pay attention that there is a cup of maximum points. As soon as you reach it you can spend your points (aka speed) to boost your team for distance that is how you move to the finish.

How to get points

Every player will start with at least 100 points and will be able to increase the amount of maximum points by buying games. For every 1$ you will get 80 points to the maximum cup. And with every day of participation you’ll get 100 additional points.

Also, you can get points when complete quests alone or together with your team. Don’t forget to spend them on Nitro that will speed you up in the race.

Moreover, boosting will help you get tokens that you can spend on awesome rewards, such as Steam background, chat emoticons and more. Click the link to see the premium rewards for tokens in Steam Grand Prix.

Each day throughout the Grand Prix, random members of the top first, second and third place teams will receive the top item from their Steam Wishlist. Random members of the overall Grand Prix winning teams will be awarded up to three of the top items from their Steam Wishlist.

As you can see the main reward is really awesome. You can get any game you have on your wishlist in Steam, even our favorite My Time at Portia as well as other great games: Cyberpank, Sekiro, Octopath traveller and even Total War: Three Kingdoms.

It isn’t to late to join the race right now. Don’t forget that now Steam offers a lot of discounts on many great games, so it is win-win to start your race right now.


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