My Time At Portia

My Time at Sandrock Unveiled
It’s been a while since we shared any news about Pathea game called My Time at Portia. This craftsmanship simulator has a lot of fans and that’s why they decided to expand the game. Here we will tell you the first pre-announcement details about My Time at Sandrock. First of all, it’s not the official...
My Time at Portia Ginger Social Guide
Every week starting from today we will write guides about My Time at Portia. Firstly, we will focus on social guides and characters’ description. This week we start with My Time At Portia Ginger social guide. Ginger is one of the hardest characters to socialize with. And if you decide to marry her you will...
My Time At Portia Update
Several weeks ago we wrote news about My Time at Portia upcoming updates. If you remember Pathea games posted a video preview about them, where they gave us some hints about what is coming next. Well, good news as the first My Time at Portia update is available now! My Time At Portia Update –...
My Time at Portia upcoming updates – Summer 2020
Recently we’ve heard the news about My Time at Portia we all have been waiting for. My Time at Portia upcoming updates are going to hit really soon. We hope to see them this summer of 2020. So first, of all let’s have a glance at the updates preview video. We kindly embed it below...
My Time at Portia Fishing Guide
This post contains all the information that you need to know about fishing in My Time at Portia. We have spent a lot of time to create this Portia Fishing Guide. So it contains information about fishing tools, fishing skills (from Portia skill tree), types of fish and where to catch it. Moreover, you will...
New NPC and Player outfit in Portia
Today on the 15th of October Pathea Games has released some brand new DLC for My Time at Portia. Now you can buy a new outfit in Portia for your character and in addition to that an outfit for the NPCs in-game. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Besides, it means that developers work on improving the...
My Time at Portia: Martial Arts Tournament
As we already mentioned in our previous post My Time at Portia: Fishing Day , Portia has new seasonal events. This post is about the second one that takes place in Summer – Martial Arts Tournament. To be more concrete it is Friday 12th and Saturday 13th in Summer when you can participate in the tournament. As Martial...
My Time at Portia: Fishing Day
My Time at Portia has added a lot of new content through the last month. Today we are going to tell you about one of the four events that are now available to play, which is Called Fishing Day. It occurs in spring on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. The main purpose of Fishing Day...
My Time At Portia Review
My Time at Portia is a new simulation RPG game created by Pathea studio. Developers want to players to experience the events of the post-apocalyptic but in a kind and healthy atmosphere. The main theme of the game is to rule a workshop in a little but prospective town called Portia. A player starts with...
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