My Time at Sandrock Unveiled

It’s been a while since we shared any news about Pathea game called My Time at Portia. This craftsmanship simulator has a lot of fans and that’s why they decided to expand the game. Here we will tell you the first pre-announcement details about My Time at Sandrock.

First of all, it’s not the official name for now as developers call it is going to be “NextMyTimeGame”. Actually, they wanted to make a DLC for MTAP about Sandrock by decided to make it an independent game instead. And that is not surprising as Pathea wants to add some great features to Next My Time game.

My Time at Sandrock

The major addition is multiplayer, which was requested many times by My time at Portia players. Apparently, the next My Time game will at least have co-op features, which will make it even more fun.

As this is all for now we can tell you some details about the upcoming My Time at Portia update. It is going to be released October 20th and will contain:

  • A new NPC – Mason
  • Added Mason sidequest
  • Added Higgins sidequests
  • Added extra main quests
  • Fixed the issue that the Mint Under the Sun mission may cause the game to black screen and freeze
  • Fixed the issue of freezing after the dialogue in the Alice Book Fair plot

Incredible news for all Portia fans is going to be announced with the new update as well. It is going to be great! Pathea games promise to share more details about Sandrock and other plans for My Time at Portia universe in late October. Follow up not to miss a thing!

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