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There are over a hundred champions in LoL one of the most popular ones is Ahri. She is famous for her power and looks of course. Through these years there’s been a lot of cosmetics made especially for Ahri League of Legends character. Here you can see the list of all skins for Ahri.

We will group them by the release year starting from the newest ones. You can click on any skin to see it better. We share with you the official Ahri League of Legends skins splash arts.


For now, there is only one skin for Ahri in 2021 – Coven Ahri.

Coven Ahri
Coven Ahri

Coven Ahri has 10 different chromas.


There were two skins for Ahri in League of Legends in 2020 – Spirit Blossom Ahri and K/DA ALL OUT Ahri.

There are 9 chromas for K/DA ALL OUT Ahri and 6 chromas for Spirit Blossom Ahri.


There was one regular skin called – Elderwood Ahri and K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition.

There are 9 chromas for Elderwood Ahri and no chromas for K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition.


Also, one skin that is called K/DA Ahri.

K/DA Ahri
K/DA Ahri

The skin doesn’t have chromas.


Only one skin for Ahri League of Legends released in 2017 and it is Star Guardian Ahri.

Star Guardian Ahri
Star Guardian Ahri

The skin doesn’t have chromas.


Again one skin – Arcade Ahri.

Arcade Ahri
Arcade Ahri

The skin doesn’t have chromas.


Two skins were released for Ahri in 2015 – Academy Ahri and Challenger Ahri.

The Challenger Ahri skin has got two chromas. None for Academy Ahri.


There were no skins in 2014 for Ahri so we continue with 2013 skin – Popstar Ahri.

Popstar Ahri
Popstar Ahri

Popstar Ahri skin has got 7 chromas.


Only one skin for Ahri in 2012 – Foxfire Ahri.

Foxfire Ahri

The skin doesn’t have chromas.


There were three skins in 2011 for Ahri including the original one – Midnight Ahri, Dynasty Ahri and Original Ahri.

There are now chromas for these skins.

As you can see Ahri is a very popular character and almost every year there is a new cosmetic for her.

Ahri League of Legends Skins Prices

Below you can see the table that includes the prices to unlock skins for Ahri that can be unlocked from the shop for Riot Points.

Coven Ahri1350 RP
K/DA ALL OUT Ahri1350 RP
Spirit Blossom Ahri1820 RP
Elderwood Ahri1350 RP
K/DA Ahri1350 RP
Star Guardian Ahri1820 RP
Arcade Ahri1350 RP
Academy Ahri750 RP
Popstar Ahri975 RP
Foxfire Ahri975 RP
Midnight Ahri750 RP
Dynasty Ahri975 RP
Original Ahri
(You actually buy a champion like that)
790 RP
3150 BE
*to get any skin you need to buy a champion first (separately or in a bundle with the skin)

The prices above are mentioned as if you already own Ahri. If you decide to buy a champion together with the skin the prices will be different. Also, there will be an option to buy a champion for BE (blue essences) and skin for RP (Riot Points) or to buy everything in RP.

You can unlock all skins in the shop except for K/DA Ahri Prestige Edition and Challenger Ahri. The first one was a limited special offer and the second one was granted the players who ended the ranked season at least in Gold rank back in 2015.

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