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Each game has means of communication with its players. Now it is easily performed with the help of community pages and social media. If you were looking for the post with the links to all Path of Exile community pages (like community wiki) or social pages you have found it.

Path of Exile community wiki

There are many resources that have database information about Path of Exile. But most of them are not official and we will share the links only to the official PoE resources. The most massive place with all answers about Path of exile you can find in the community wiki The Official Community-Maintained Path of Exile Wiki. It is moderated and written by players for players. You will find all possible details about any topic that you might be interested in.

You can also contribute to Path of Exile community wiki. Don’t get upset though if your content won’t appear or will disappear from the page in some time. You will need to read the guidelines and follow them. In addition, you must provide unique and useful content that moderators find useful for other players.

Path of Exile Reddit

Here you will find all active players who are interested about Path of Exile. You can follow r/pathofexile to know the latest news from Path of Exile team and communicate with other PoE players. You can also share your fun content, guides, questions and much more to share your personal thoughts. Also, remember to read and follow the guidelines.

Path of Exile Discord

Path of Exile also has a Discord channel that you can follow by this link. There you’ll see more information from GGG than on Reddit as it is sorted and saved in groups and categories. Also, you can find there mates to chat and play together with. But the way, the PoE community wiki also has its category in PoE discord channel. There you can discuss matters related to the official community wiki.

Path of Exile Forum

Actually, it is a part of the main official Path of Exile website. The forum takes a major part of it. There you will find all possible Path of Exile builds, announcements, discussion, gameplay questions, and much more. You can check it yourself and see what other forum categories are there for you. Besides, all big news about the new league, sales, races, etc. are shared there first.

Path of Exile YouTube

You will find all official videos shared by GGG on Path of Exile official YouTube channel. Also, you will see there records of PoE streams and league announcement videos. But keep in mind that you watch on PoE YouTube channel only intros or game dev videos, meaning that there are no builds or guides.

Path of Exile Twitch Channel

If you want to be one of those players who know the news from GGG the moment they share them follow Path of Exile Twitch channel. There are no regular live streams, but you will see league announcement streams on PoE Twitch channel. Also, you can register on Path of Exile forum, go to your profile and adjust Twitch drops to get the chance to win the next reward from GGG on stream.

Path of Exile Twitter

Twitter is a main social profile where you’ll see GGG posts from the oficial website. They are designed differently and bring only the main idea, but still, it is a good way to learn about the urgent news and share them with your friends. Here is the link to PoE Twitter page.

Path of Exile Facebook

PoE Facebook page is a copy of PoE Twitter page. So if you prefer longer comments and deeper discussions you can follow Path of Exile Facebook page. You will not miss any piece of news as GGG share them on Twitter and Facebook simultamiousley.

For now these are all official community pages that you can follow and learn about Path of Exile more.

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