Epic Store Free Games Deals 23-30 April

We are continuing our new column about the giveaways. Today we will give you a short description of For the King game. This is the one which is new in Epic Store Free Games Deals 23-30 April. So next week you will get a chance to get one of the most popular roguelike games. In addition, don’t forget to claim your games this week Epic Store Free Games Deals 16-23 April you can still get them too.

For the King Description

For the King was developed by an indie company IronOak Games. Moreover, the game started as a successful Kickstarter project and so released in 2018 for PCs and in 2019 for consoles. An interesting fact is that firstly game was designed as a board game and only later transformed into the current state.

For the King is a roguelike RPG game that contains single-player together with co-op. As for the combat mechanics, it combines different styles from boardgames to JRPG. Your task will be to investigate the sudden death of the King. But all the way through you’ll have to overcome strong monsters. Also, you’ll need to stay away from traps and stay alive in the wicked weather.

For the King features

The game from the upcoming Free Games Deals 23-30 April has a lot of great features:

  • You can play in a party of four. You can play alone and control all the members. Or you can play with friends in a co-op mode. But that can be tricky as your friends can choose not to follow you.
  • As in any other roguelike game, you need to stay alive or you start all over again.
  • Turn-based combat with a lot of different actions. You can fight, use spells or special abilities etc.
  • A changing and challenging environment. Some events can occur in a different part of the day. And don’t forget about the weather.
  • The realm you play changes every new run.
  • Lore and exploration with separate mechanics.
  • Dungeon crawler
  • Specific weapon crafting.
  • Item, trinkets, curiosities…

Into our opinion For the King worth logging into the Epic Store to claim your giveaway next week!

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