Heroes of the Storm Hogger Build Guide

Hogger is a Bruiser from hero from the Warcraft universe. He wreaks havoc on team fights, taking complete control of the entire battle zone. No one can escape it. Crowd control – slow, stuns and knockback is enough for everyone. Hogger uses Rage instead of mana, which he gains from taking and dealing damage. However, it is not spent when using skills. A high Rage supply speeds up the cooldowns of Basic Abilities cooldowns, but as soon as it stops replenishing Rage, it quickly decays.

Hogger - Scourge of Elwynn

Primary Abilities

Staggering Blow

Swing your chain in a wide arc, dealing 140 damage to enemies hit and knocking them away. If an enemy collides with terrain, deal an additional 150 damage, Stun for 0.75 seconds, and gain 15 Rage.

Ez-Thro Dynamite

Toss a bundle of Dynamite with a 1.5 second fuse. Upon detonation, enemies take 180 damage and are Slowed by 30% for 2 seconds. The Dynamite instantly detonates when landing directly on an enemy Hero and granting Hogger 10 Rage.

Hogg Wild

After 0.25 seconds, become Unstoppable and uncontrollably spin towards the targeted direction, ricocheting off terrain. Every 0.125 seconds, deal 36 damage to nearby enemies, increased by 1% for each current point of Rage. Ricocheting off terrain refreshes the duration.

Heroic Abilities


Launch an empowered Loot Hoard with Hogger attached, dealing 140 damage and Slowing enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. Hoardapult’s Loot Hoard lasts for up to 20 seconds, decaying rapidly while not nearby. Every 10 seconds Hogger can take a chunk of Meat from the Loot Hoard.


After 0.5 seconds, slam the ground, sending out a shockwave that travels in a long line. Enemies hit by the initial slam take 306 damage and are Stunned for 1.25 seconds. Enemies only hit by the shockwave take 210 damage and are Stunned for 0.75 seconds.


Loot Hoard

Throw a pile of junk onto the battlefield dealing 102 damage in a small area, knocking enemies away and acting as terrain for up to 5 seconds. When the Loot Hoard expires or is destroyed, a chunk of Meat is falls out that can be picked up to restore 3% of maximum Health every second for 5 seconds. Reactivate to destroy Loot Hoard.

Talent Build Cheat Sheet

Copy build code*[T2231113,Hogger]

*Select a hero, open talents, click on options near build variations and click paste build to enter the code into HOTS directly. After that, you will have the build from the current cheatsheet marked with hearts.

Loot Hoard Build





Bones to Gnaw

Journeyman Cooking


Aggro Range

Hogger's Joggers


Garbage Fire

Seeing Red





Dust Devil






No Control

Secret Stash

Useful Strategies and Tips

Staggering Blow lets you peel away enemies from your team. Try to use it on Heroes near the impassable terrain to stun them and get extra Rage. This can be done with the Loot Hoard, which is thrown behind the enemy before using Staggering Blow. Also, this skill is well suited to interrupt dangerous enemy skills.

Ez-Thro Dynamite – good AoE damage and Slow, which will allow you to quickly push lanes or initiate team fights.

Hogg Wild this skill will allow you to easily reach the enemy backline or engage an enemy team. Plus, thanks to Loot Hoard, picking up Mercenary Camps with the Hogg Wild is pretty easy. To do this, you need to select or create an impassable terrain and cast Hogg Wild between two parallel segments of it.

Hoardapult allows Hogger to unstoppable jump great distance. In addition to the damage and Slow, which all opponents in the landing zone will receive, a special Loot Hoard will also appear, which, in addition to the impassable terrain, will also throw a chunk of Meat towards Hogger once every 10 seconds. Use the created obstacles from Loot Hoards to create havoc with Hogg Wild.

Shockwave in a combo with Staggering Blow (with impassable terrain or Loot Hoard) will allow chain CC and take the enemy out of combat for a long time or quickly kill him with burst damage from your team.

Loot Hoard in addition to creating impassable terrain for the skills described above, this skill will help you restore health anywhere, even during combat.

Synergies and Counters

Hogger synergizes with Heroes, that have Knockback abilities (such as Diablo or Garrosh) and Heroes, who benefit from impassable terrain (such as Hanzo or Junkrat).

Hogger is countered by Heroes with high burst damage (such as Lunara or Jaina) and Heroes with mobility skills to ignore Hogger’s impassable terrain (such as Medivh or Zeratul).

Strengths and Weaknesses
      • Lots of Crowd Control
      • Good Burst damage
      • Weak to poke damage
      • High-mobility Heroes can easily outplay him

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