League of Legends Karthus Jungler Build Guide

Here is a post about Karthus champion from League of Legends if you want to play him as a jungler. You will find brief information with tips and tips on how to play jungler Karthus. Read our Karthus build and cheat sheet. In our League of Legends builds you will see the most popular and universal variation of any build.

Darius, the Deathsinger is one of the most favourite ap carries in League of Legends, who can be very useful in the jungle. Karthus’ passive skill is called Death Defied and it does the following:

“Upon dying, Karthus enters a spirit form that allows him to continue casting spells.”

That’s a great opportunity to get the kill after your champion has fallen, but good players will not let you use this passive effectively.

Karthus Jungler Rune Set

Below you can see what runes to take while playing for jungler Karthus. With them you can use all his AP damage power in your advance.

Karthus Jungler Rune Set

This is the most effective way and we don’t recommend to change anything in this rune set.

Summoner Spells

Recommended Setup


Chilling Smite

The same situation is about summoner spells. There is no other way to play Karthus jungler more effectively then with Flash and Chilling Smite.

Skill Order






Lay Waste


Wall of Pain

Here you can see the priority of abilities that you need to level up to play Karthus as a jungler. The logic is the following. If R is active you max it if not you max Q and so on. But the first three skill points you spend one per each spell starting with Q, then E and W relevantly.

Karthus jungler Item Set

Starting Items


Late Trinket



Refillable Potion

Stealth Ward

Farsight Alteration

Sorcerer's Shoes

Core Items

Situative Items

Liandry's Anguish

Zhonya's Hourglass

Demonic Embrace

Mejai's Soulstealer

Void Staff

Best Build Example

Liandry's Anguish

Zhonya's Hourglass

Demonic Embrace

Rabadon's Deathcap


The main idea when you play for Karthus in the jungle is to kill monsters fast with AP damage but still have defense. You can also change any situative item for Rylai’s Crystal Scepter to get more health.

General Tips

Now that you know the spells, runes, items and which abilities you’ll skill it’s time to learn how to actually jungle on this champion.

Jungle clear:

  • The jungle clear on this champion is it’s a most powerful tool, to do it 100% efficiently you’re gonna have to kite jungle monsters.
  • But it’s more than just spam your abilities on the camps, to be 100% efficient, you must always use 2 Qs and 1 auto, repeat this pattern always in order to clear it as fast as possible.
  • You always start on the blue side and you always full clear, ALWAYS.
  • This takes a bit of practice to achieve, so go to practise tool.
  • You have optimized your clear once you achieve full clear in less than 3 minutes with a leash.

Win conditions:

It’s essential that when you play a champion you understand what will make it win, luckily Karthus has quite a few.

The most important one is to play around objectives, such as drakes/baron.

Due to his high DPS nature, he can bring down objectives really fast in comparison to most champions which really enables your team to simply just rush them if the enemy team is lurking around the map. Fighting in closed locations is also very good since you have AoE damage and can hit multiple opponents in fights.

The second win condition would be to play for sidelanes with your ultimate, or you can do it yourself as well, Karthus is a good duelist, obviously, he’s far from being the best, but he can handle himself vs a couple of champions especially if he’s ahead.

If you find it hard to coordinate with your team to play sidelanes, which sometimes can be very frustrating in slow due to the lack of communication, just group and fight it out, in the end, it’s what Karthus does best.

Counter Picks and Synergies

Strong against

Weak against


Jarvan IV



Synergies with





In the early game you should also be afraid of Nidalee and Kayn as they are more mobile then Karthus.

Pros & Cons
      • It has the fastest clear speed of the jungle monsters
      • Very healthy clear
      • Huge amount of dps throughout all stages of the game
      • Global pressure
      • Immobile champion
      • His DPS is very reliable on skill shots
      • You need to practise his clears in order to optimize them
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