League of Legends Patch 9.24

Meet our new post with brief details of the new changes made in League of Legends Patch 9.24. Further, we will write a list of champions that have been nerfed or upgraded together with introducing some major releases of the last LoL patch of the 2019 year.

League of Legends Patch 9.24 – Champion changes

Let’s start from the great stuff. New champion Aphelios is now available in the game. We will write a detailed post about him really soon, so stay tuned.

As a result, it caused a lot of changes in his sister’s abilities. Therefore you will see an old Diana’s ult and a lot of other great changes. Those you should really explore more here.

Diana in Patch 9.24

Such champions as Akali, Kassadin, and Ryze have been nerfed. But Amumu, Braum, Garen, Karma, Rammus, and Sivir faced some enhancements. As for other news around League of Legends champions. Together with Diana some deep changes faced Senna and Yuumi. And as a little bonus Lux’s hitboxes and animation are much better now!

Other changes

Also, you can notice that 2 runes Conqueror and Prototype: Omnistone work a bit differently. For instance, the first one is nerfed (less duration and heal percentage). and the second one vice verse buffed with greater chances to get buffs.

All of it may be confusing, especially, if you only start playing the League. With a new season coming soon there are a lot of new chances of getting great elo in LoL in the eighth season are being opened. But if you don’t feel very confident for now you can use secure elo boost to start your personal way in League of Legends higher with better players and don’t waste your time in Iron or Bronze.

League of Legends bugfixes in Patch 9.24

As for the other changes. The Poro King returns for a limited period of time! So don’t miss him. Also, ARAM lovers we see some balance changes that influenced specific champions in the Howling Abyss. And, of course, bugfixes which you can read on the image above.

That’s all brief news for today. Follow us to get more later!

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