New Update Expanded Horizons for Mars Horizon is Live Now!

Expanded Horizons is our huge free update for Mars Horizon. It’s our biggest one ever and includes:

  • New Mission – NASA’s Perseverance Rover and the Ingenuity Helicopter which landed on 18 February 2021
  • Reusable Vehicles – Reflecting real-world advancements by companies like SpaceX
  • New Vehicle packs – 6 new vehicles from JAXA, ESA and other agencies
  • Sandbox Mode – Heavily requested by the community the ultimate customisable Mars Horizon experience
  • Iron Core Mode – Also community requested, the toughest way to play ever
  • Lots of gameplay improvements –  Such as a catch-up mechanic and some new cinematics
  • New Custom Agency logo – Send our cow to space


  • Nintendo Switch Demo – Try running your space agency on the go, landing 28th June

Improvements to gameplay

As well as all those lovely new additions we’ve made a lot of improvements to gameplay, take a look at the following list to find out what’s new and what’s changed!

  • The menu header highlights now loop, as per community requests, so now you can cycle through headers more easily
  • In-progress missions are better highlighted in the UI – we’ve added a pulse, a clipboard, and a research icon which are displayed when appropriate, so it’s always clear what missions are underway in your list 
  • Made the ‘Complete Task’ button in mission gameplay more obvious when it appears – now it’s highlighted and pulses slightly – it will be ghosted when it’s not applicable so it will be much more clear when you can finish a mission early
  • Catch Up Mechanic – when you fail a mission the previously used parts will become cheaper and also build faster. A game changer! It makes catching up after a failed launch feel more manageable and it can lead to some great last minute changes in your fortune
  • The agency icon size for the solar system screen is now on a slider for accessibility 
  • Bonus reward communication now improved, there is now an animated font and more ceremony in the results screen when these are achieved – this makes getting a Mission Bonus more rewarding!
  • We’ve made your rivals’ failures more obvious – they are now going to pop up red, pulse, and they’ll have a unique icon next to them in the Solar System screen in the News Ticker. Now you can get a feeling of smug satisfaction when you notice a rival experiencing a setback!
  • Improved the drift icon – in response to community feedback, we’ve made it more clear to know if it will swing to the left or right by the addition of indicator arrows
  • China’s space shuttle now has an arm-based deployment cinematic, so now you can watch Chinese payloads being plucked from the cargo bay and positioned in space
  • And last – but by no means least – there’s a new agency logo! It’s our new company logo, the Auroch Aurochs! We love it.

You can check it out right now!

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