Overwatch 2 BlizzConline 2021 Preview

And while the release date of Overwatch 2 is still shrouded in darkness, Game director Jeff Kaplan and Overwatch team members showed a lot of innovations that are waiting for players. If you missed BlizzConline, here’s a video:

New maps

Two new maps were presented that will allow players to visit two cities of the future – Rome and New York City. Get ready for the old-world architecture of Rome as well as emblematic locales like the Coliseum and the Seven Hills. As for New York City, players will find a high-tech map, mixed with authentic pizza shops, familiar bodegas and fire stations.

PvP role updates

Overwatch 2 has major changes to its PvP hero roles. Depending on the role, each hero will receive special passive abilities. For example, Tanks will have knockback reduction and generate less ult charge for enemies shooting at them. In addition, Tanks will receive additional features that will affect their utility in the team. For example, Reinhardt will have two charges of Firestrike, as well as the ability to cancel his charge, which will reveal his potential as a brawler hero, and not just a backline protector. Damage dealers will have a move speed bonus that allows them to flank better. As for Support heroes, without taking damage for some time, they will be able to get auto-healing, which will increase their survivability on the battlefield.

Overwatch 2 Preview Talents

Also, the changes will affect the sounds of the game. It will now be much easier to locate enemies by the sounds of fire, which will create a combat experience and make it more visceral than ever.

Hero missions

As for co-op PvE, the developers are working tirelessly. The team’s goal is to create unique gameplay that will allow players a new experience in Overwatch 2. New maps and enemies that have their own characteristics and unique properties will not let your team relax. In addition, missions will have different objectives to accomplish and unique enemies like objective units and elite units. Develop new strategies for how to resist them, because now each hero will have their own talent tree, which will improve and even change their abilities!

Story development and new looks

Overwatch 2 Preview McCree

The developers devoted a lot of time to the lore of the game so that players were interested to know what happened in the world of Overwatch 2 after the events of “Zero Hour”. They promise in-game cinematics, story missions and even a dialogue system! The changes also affected the heroes themselves, and we revealed new looks for four of them: McCree, Pharah, Reaper and Widowmaker.

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