Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2021

It is time for the new event in Overwatch as Lunar New Year is approaching and it means that year of the Ox is coming to all the games. If you are in the festive mood already you can read our post to learn when Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2021 starts.

What’s to expect from Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2021?

As any other event in Overwatch Lunar New Year presents new skins and game modes as well as new loot boxes. In addition, you will be able to get last years Lunar Skins that were available only through completing weekly challenges. Those are:

  • Monk Doomfist Skin
  • Ancient Bronze Winston Skin
  • Paper Cutting Wrecking Ball Skin

The special game mode for this year might be the return of Capture the flag and Capture the flag Blitz. The main goal in these matches is to get your opponents flag and bring it to your base without being stopped by enemy team.

Bounty Hunter New Game mode

In this new addition to the Arcade rotation, rack up points as you claim bounties. The player who gets the first kill of the match becomes a Target, and everyone else a Bounty Hunter. Earn extra points by killing the Target, but bewareβ€”if you land the killing blow on a Target, you become the next one.

Overwatch Lunar Skins

There are a lot of Lunar Skins in Overwatch right now. You can see all of them via the link. If you login to the blizzard account you will also see what skins you are missing.

Overwatch Lunar Skins

The predictions for Lunar 2021 skins are very few as Ox is not presented in the game. But still we hope to see tanks get some great new looks for the Lunar event.

Overwatch Lunar New Year Event 2021 start date

This year Lunar event in Overwatch starts February 4th and last until 25th!

Previous years Lunar Events releases.

  • Lunar New Year 2017 (Year of the Rooster) started on 24 January 2017 and ended on 13 February 2017.
  • Lunar New Year 2018 (Year of the Dog) started on 8 February 2018 and ended on 6 March 2018.
  • Lunar New Year 2019 (Year of the Pig) started on 24 January 2019 and ended on 18 February 2019
  • Lunar New Year 2020 (Year of the Rat) started on 16 January 2020 and ended on 5 February 2020

Don’t forget to play Overwatch tomorrow!

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