Path of Exile 3.13 Ritual League Mechanics Guide

New Path of Exile League is live! You can now see all the advantages and details of Ritual League yourself. In our guide, you will find general information and details about Ritual League and later we will add here some other informative links to upcoming guides.

Ritual Altars

From the first zone after you reach Wraeclast you will find Ritual Altars. It is very easy to find them as you will see a large ritual circle on the ground and little ones on the minimap. You will find several rituals in one zone. From 2-3 in the begging of your storyline journey to up to 7 in the end.

Ritual Altars

In the middle of the circle, you will see the Ritual Altar. There are several types of them in Ritual League and they have different effects on monsters or themselves. You can point on it to see what to expect. To start the ritual you need to click on the Altar. If the Altar is unclickable and you cannot start the ritual it means that some of the zone monsters left in the circle. You need to kill them and when the Altar makes an engaging sound you can interact with it.

After you start the ritual you will see that you cannot go out of the ritual circle as the map around it becomes black. So you need to kill all the summoning monsters to complete the ritual. In case, you die during the ritual you will revive in town. But the ritual will close and you will get all the tribute that you’ve earned just before you die.

Altar Circle

Every next Ritual Altar in the same zone will summon all the monsters from the previous Altars in this zone and some of its own. But it means more Tribute after all.

Ritual Tribute

Tribute is the number of points you earn for killing monsters in the circle during the ritual. The more and faster you kill the more Tribute you get. Also, note that you will not get Tribute for killing totems summoned by the Altar so no need to kill it if it doesn’t bother you as it will disappear once you clear all the waves.

The number of earned Tribute you can see not only in Favours window but also during the fight in the bottom of the screen. The counter will change while you kill monsters.

Ritual Favours

If there is a Tribute so there is a way to spend it. After you complete the ritual click on the Altar to see what items can you get for your Tribute. You will see that items wary and there is a chance to get a unique item even after the first zone.

Ritual Favours

But you cannot take all of them, so you need to choose something which is better for you right here and now. If you don’t see any good items you can reroll them once per zone but spend 600 tribute to do so. The reroll button is in the top of the Favours window next to the count of your Tribute.

As you can see some of the items are hidden in the screenshot above. That’ because you need to complete all rituals in this zone to see all items. the number of remaining rituals is shown in the bottom of the Favours window.

Defer item

In case, you see a good item but you can’t afford then click on Defer item. That will let you save it for later, It will be locked in the Favours even in the next zone. But you need to pay for it 15% of the item’s cost and if you don’t have that much Tribute it will be impossible to defer it. In the next area, the deferred item will cost 10% less of its original cost, so you don’t pay that much. Moreover, you can defer the same item next time you see it. Also, keep in mind that not always the deferred item appears in the next area, it can appear in the second or even third one after you deferred it. The rarer the item the more time it will take to reappear in the Favours after the defer.

Red and Yellow Frames on Favours

If you see yellow and red frames around your deferred items you can hover on ritual icon next to it and see the details. Red mean that this it the last time you see this item as deferred unless you defer it this time. Yellow means that next time you see this deferred item it’s price will be higher again unless you defer it this time.

Ritual Vessel

Ritual Vessel is an endgame content that you can get close to it. They are stackable and you can use a Ritual Vessel to itemise the monsters from the ritual. It means that you can use a Ritual Vessel on the Altar seal its monster type to it. You will see their item level, zone and type. And now it will be called Blood-filled Vessel.

After that, you can use a Blood-filled Vessel or up to four Blood-filled Vessels in the map device. That will fill the map with the rituals with those monster types that you have sealed and put into the map device. In that case, you will increase rewards and difficulty of the encounters on the map.

It can be very useful to farm maps with Ritual Vessels as you will get better chances of receiving the top rarity content like Mirror of Kalandra as a reward for completing rituals in Favours. Don’t forget that you can use Vessels on maps with Delirium or Blight encounters to raise the chance of receiving better rewards related to that content.

Ritual Vessels and Blood-filled Vessel are both tradable, so you can exchange them with other players.

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