Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition League Mechanics Guide

The Kalguuran expedition is here to challenge you through their maps. You will find an interesting and encouraging new gameplay in PoE 3.15. Follow the steps of our Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition Leauge Mechanics Guide to see all new features and how to succeed in the league.

Unlike the previous two leagues, Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition is more complex and has more content and gameplay to offer. You will find new NPCs with different items that can be upgraded to help you collect gear for levelling faster. You will not need to spend your currency on that as you will have new separate currency items for each of the Kalguuran expedition members. But that’s not all as closer to the end game you will unlock new ways to play with expedition maps. But let’s put it straight from the very beginning.

PoE 3.15 Expedition basics

You will see the trace of Expedition content just when you enter Lioneye’s Watch. There you will see the Expedition locker waiting for you.

PoE 3.15 the Expedition locker

You can also place it in your hideout. Enter editing mode and scroll to the ‘Hideout item’ section in decorations. The expedition locker will contain all artefacts needed for trade with new expedition merchants and expedition maps. The great thing is that you can make all of them sort automatically from your stash tab to the expedition locker. To do so you need to turn on affinities for this locker. You can see in the picture below that you need to tick it in the left bottom corner of the Expedition locker window.

When active you will no longer need to open and put all expedition items manually. Just go to your stash and click on all items as you do and they automatically get when you want them. The same thing, by the way, happened to the Heist locker.

Heist Locker Affinity

If you tick there, all your contracts will automatically be sorted out to the Heist locker when you put them into your stash.

The next step is to go to the next zone and find your first expedition encounter. There are four different merchants that you can meet, but they don’t influence the encounter itself. So we’ll talk about them a bit later. As for the encounters, you will meet one of the merchants next to detonators and lots of sticks with skulls around them.

PoE Expedition encounter

Those sticks reveal what you can expect from this zone if you detonate it. Some of the indicators will be yellow or red which means better loot and harder monsters that protect it. You will also see pillars called ‘Unearthed Remnant‘ with different modes on them. Our tip is to read them, especially the yellow ones as they may add reflects or immune to some sources of your damage. When you are done, you can check all the active modifiers by hovering on the icon next to the number of explosives left.

Unearthed Remnant

As you can see Unearthed Remnants also can enhance your rewards. So it is worth detonating under them. Basically, you will see four Unearthed Remnants in every encounter and only 3 charges of the explosives (but the number will increase as you progress through the game). That means that you will be able to excavate under all four Unearthed Remnants rarely.

Run around all expedition indicators and decide what parts of it you are most interested in, press V and place explosive charge. All indicators marked with green will get detonated and you will be able to loot them.

PoE Expedition Detonator

Note that you cannot place explosives too far away from each other, so if you see the circle marked red it means you cannot place it there. Move it closer to the detonator or previously placed explosive. Also, you can undo the placement by clicking on the reversing arrow on your screen next to your mana.

When you are satisfied with your explosive locations go back to the detonator and click on it to detonated the placed explosives.

Detonated Explosives

And let the fun begin. One by one in the sequence of the placement all your explosives will detonate and excavate the chests and enemies. Clear all of them to get extra loot, or don’t kill if you can’t, but don’t forget to unlock all the excavated chests. In case you get killed you can return and get all the loot or kill all the remaining enemies.

PoE excavated chests

Excavated chests contain basic loot if you haven’t enhanced it with Unearthed Remnant modifiers. In addition, you will get merchant-specific artefacts needed for the trade. If you complete Gwennen encounter you will get artefacts needed to trade with her or to reroll her inventory. That’s all about encounters, but the next part of fun starts when you trade and we will explain every Expedition merchant below.

Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition merchants

This is the start. You will begin to meet first Expedition encounters in the first zone ofter Lioneye’s Watch. The first one is Gwennen, the Gambler. You will meet her frequently and in the first act before you kill Brutus she will be the only available merchant. After you kill Brutus in the next zone you will meet Tujen, the Haggler. When you enter the second act, you will meet only Gwennen and Tujen encounters, but you will later meet Rog, the Dealer. And finally, at the beginning of the third act, you meet Dannig the leader of the Kalguuran expedition. Each of them has specific inventory and trading mechanics, so we will explain all of them below.

Gwennen, the Gambler

As we have already mentioned Gwennen is the first member of the Kalguuran expedition that you meet in Path of Exile 3.15. And she is the Gambler meaning that you will not definitely know what item you get from trade with her.

Gwennen, the Gambler

In the screenshot on the left, you can see what Gwennen has to offer. The items are not identified but each of them has a different cost. What you see is the base of the item that you gamble and in return, you can get any item relevant to this base. Can be magic, rare or even unique item, everything depends on your luck and level.

You will gamble in the range of the relevant item level to your characters level. Yes, some of the items will require 1-2 levels higher than you are but you cannot expect to gamble top tier items on a low level.

All merchants have different items in their inventory, which don’t reset automatically. To reroll the items from Gwennen’s inventory you will need a special artefact that can be used only to reroll her inventory – Astragali.

How to get Astragali? Complete encounters with Gwennen with as many modifiers as you can and with the highest density of rare monsters with the hope of getting them. Usually, they drop in every 2-3 encounters but that’s not a rule and you can wait for them much longer.

But Astragali are useful as you can not only reroll Gwennen’s inventory but also reset the pull of item levels that will participate in the trade now. So it is worth using the rerolls when you significantly levelled up.

And now let’s speak more of the trading currency – artefacts. You will get them from encounters and trade with Dannig. Gwennen will require the ‘Broken Circle Artifact‘ type. There are four of them:

  • Lesser Broken Circle Artifact
  • Common Broken Circle Artifact
  • Greater Broken Circle Artifact
  • Grand Broken Circle Artifact

The higher level you get the more expansive items will be. The Grand Broken Circle Artifact will start to drop from Gwennen encounters at the end of the 2nd act.

Note that all these artefacts are not tradable so you’ll need to get them yourself.

Tujen, the Haggler

You will meet him in the first zone after killing Brutus. Tujen’s encounters are the same but can be harder due to the progression of the game. On maps, all merchant encounters are the same.

Tujen, the Haggler

As you can see Tujen is the currency merchant. Also, you will find quality gems in his inventory. The general principle of trade is similar to Gwennen, but you require different artefacts to trade with Tujen and different reroll items. Besides, that you can see the exact number of items that you buy and can bargain with him! But first let’s speak of Tujen, the Haggler artifact types:

  • Lesser Black Scythe Artifact
  • Common Black Scythe Artifact
  • Greater Black Scythe Artifact
  • Grand Black Scythe Artifact

Those artefacts of Black Scythe type are needed to buy from his inventory. As for the rerolls you will need Exotic Coinage to refresh Tujen’s inventory.

The quality and quantity of currency items that you can get from Tujen depend on your level, of course. Also, the same item slots (like 2 binding orbs from the left) can cost different amounts of Black Scythe Artifact but you can bargain with Tujen and pay less!

When you click on the item you want, click buy and you will see the new window with bargain options with Tujen.

Bargain options with Tujen

In the window above you can see that you can scroll to pay less for these two Chaos Orbs. You can slightly lessen the price and click confirm that will successfully finish the trade and you get your chaos. But if you risk and offer the lowest price to Tujen he’ll get frustrated and cancel the trade. You can try your luck one more time but if your offer is low again Tujen will delete this item from his inventory cancelling the trade.

The best option is to offer Tujen something in the middle so that you activate the real haggling mode. If he is more or less interested you will see two red lines that edge possible costs. Pick somewhere closer to the highest range and successfully finish the trade.

Rog, the Dealer

Rog is the third Expedition merchant that you meet in the middle of the second act. He is one of the most profitable merchants as he can upgrade items that you buy from him. We will explain how Rog’s craft works below.

Rog, the Dealer

In the picture on the left, you can see Rog’s inventory. Unlike Gwennen’s set of items in Rog’s inventory, you can see all items’ modifiers. All of the items from Rog’s inventory are identified and you can pick what you need.

What is more, when you buy it you can upgrade it. Rog has got a number of upgrades similar to the effects that different orbs can apply.

Before we go to the more detailed description of crafting with Rog, we’d like to mention artefacts that you require to trade with him. So those are:

  • Lesser Order Artifact
  • Common Order Artifact
  • Greater Order Artifact
  • Grand Order Artifact

Reroll of Rog’s inventory works just as Gwennen’s and you will need a special artefact called the ‘Scrap Metal‘ to refresh the items that he offers.

Before you reroll remember that you will see items related to your item level and it is worth rerolling Rog’s inventory when you reach the desired level. But of course, you can also trade with him any time you want to collect levelling gear for PoE faster.

Crafting with Rog expedition merchant

We’ve decided to give this merchant special attention due to his great deals. When you complete expedition encounters with Rog you’ll get Order Artifact types that you can exchange in his inventory for items. Click on the desired item and click buy. After that, you will see the following window.

Crafting with Rog merchant

Here you can see various options that you can do with this item. You can click on ‘Take Item’ to get it as it is. Or you can apply the craft that you can see in the window on the right. All crafts are random and have different upgrade prices. If you don’t like the craft that Rog offers you can skip it but only once in a row. By the way, on the right, you can see the current stats of the helmet from the picture.

Let’s click ‘Upgrade’ and see what happens.

Crafting with Rog merchant 2

So we’ve got more intelligence and maximum life. the next random craft from Rog you can see just where the previous one was. This one we are going to skip. But the game warns that skipping will cause the next craft to be 50% more expensive.

In any case, we click ‘Skip’ and get what is shown below.

Crafting with Rog merchant 3

Item hasn’t changed, skip button is not active anymore and we have got a new craft. So there are only two options left whether to take the helmet as it is or upgrade it with the mentioned craft. By the way, to see what is a prefix or suffix you need to press the key that highlights items (Alt by default). This helmet has only one prefix and it is a maximum life modifier. The range of it on this tier is from 40 to 49, we have 48 we’d rather keep it as it is, but let’s see what happens if we upgrade it just for fun.

Crafting with Rog merchant 4

And we broke it as we got another prefix which is worse. Let’s move on and reroll suffixes now.

Crafting with Rog merchant 5

As you can see skip button is active and you can skip again. But we don’t like the prefix that we’ve got so let’s try luck again.

Crafting with Rog merchant 6

And we’ve got two prefixes instead of one now, but both are useless. We will continue rerolling it without screenshots. Below you can see the final result after the following alterations: reroll suffixes 10 times, reroll prefixes 5 times, skip the upgrade of tiers level up, add one prefix. After completing these actions Rog automatically gave us the crafted item from below.

Crafted item from Rog

That means that even though you have enough artifacts to trade with Rog there is a limited number of upgrades that you can use while crafting. We have upgraded the helmet 8 times and skipped upgrades 2 times.

As a result, we have got a waste and we should have stopped when we had Maximum life and Intelligence with Lightning Resistance. But we wanted to show you the whole process of Rog crafting.

Also, it is worth mentioning that after you click ‘Buy’ on any item from Rog’s inventory you can’t buy another one until you fulfil the actions to this one even if you close the window and return after some time Rog will still using you to upgrade take the item.

That means that if you see a good craft that you can’t afford now, you can close the dialogue and go farm Order Artefact to come back to Rog and continue your crafting experience.

Even though it looks pretty edgy it’s only the start of the game, imaging what you can do on the maps with higher tier items.

Dannig, Warrior Skald

Dannig is the last merchant and the leader of the Kalguuran expedition. You will meet him first in the zone between the second and third acts called the City of Sarn.

Dannig, the Warrior Skald

Dannig has a defined number of items in his inventory. All of them are artefacts needed to trade with other merchants from the expedition.

Of course, Dannig will ask for his own artefact type in exchange:

  • Lesser Sun Artifact
  • Common Sun Artifact
  • Greater Sun Artifact
  • Grand Sun Artifact

Even though the items in Dannig inventory don’t refresh you can change the prices for the exchange. And to do so you’ll need the ‘Burial Medallion’ artefact.

Click on any item that you need and you will see the current exchange price.

When you hover on them you see that you can buy them 1 to 1, meaning that any lesser artifact costs 1 lesser sun artifact, for example.

But not so fast. When you click ‘buy’ you can see the real relevance of the exchange price.

Dannig exchange

You can see the total price and price for unite. Also, you can click to set the maximum amount of items that you can afford. When you reach higher levels you can use rerolls to make prices fit your level.

This is the first quality of Dannig but the other one is better. After you meet him in The City of Sarn go to your hideout and place all expedition merchants (they will gather around your waypoint by default). Talk to Danning and you will see the ‘Show Expedition Map‘ dialogue option. Clicking there will open the window where you can place expedition maps, which we will talk about below.

PoE Expedition Maps

Expedition maps can be placed and activated with Dannig in your hideout. You will start receiving Expedition Logbook items from expedition encounters approximately at level 34.

They are rare and you might need to farm them more to get. Above you can see such Expedition Logbook. They can be crafted and become magic or rare. You can place and stock them in the Expedition locker. The area of the expedition map level is defined by the level of your character when it dropped. Take one of the logs and go to Dannig.

Show Expedition Map Dannig

That’s how it looks when you talk to Dannig and click on the ‘Show Expedition Map‘ dialogue option.

You can modify the map first and only after that place it in that window to activate it.

Also, we wanted to tell the Expedition Logbooks are tradable and you can buy any of them on PoE trade. Usually, they cost around one chaos orb. If we are talking about the simple ones of course.

As we know there are at least three bosses in Expedition league and all of them will be seen on their specific maps. Those maps can be more expensive.

Still, there is a chance you get enough amount of expedition logbooks while farming your maps, so don’t worry if you cannot get an expedition map while levelling.

After you confirm that you want to start an expedition from the placed expedition logbook, Dannig will show you the map of Wraeclast with different locations to choose from.

Expedition Map

In the picture above you can see that there are two locations. Each of them has a specific sign that means that you will excavate clues for the relevant boss progression. But in the first runs, you can pick the one you like more depending on the active modifiers there.

Expedition Map with modifiers

Unlike the one from the previous picture this expedition logbook has been crafted with modifiers, which you can see in the right named as ‘Modifiers’. When you are ready click on ‘Open portals’ and if your map device is unlocked and placed in your hideout go there and enter one of the portals you can see below.

Expedition Portals

By the way, these Expedition Portals looks just like the ones you can get for completing PoE challenges. You can read more about them in Path of Exile 3.15 Expedition Challenge Rewards List.

When you enter the map you will see a zone similar to Blight maps. There you’ll find a lot of excavation signs just as those in encounters. But each of them will be marked with a specific mark representing the type of items you will loot from this chest. You can see those marks both on the minimap and in the excavation sign as shown below.

Expedition Map Preparation

You will get at least 15 explosives. In order, you want to excavate more chests you’ll need to craft a mode that grants more % of explosives in the area. Also, we recommend you think beforehand about how to place the explosives in order to get the best loot in the right sequence. Remember that every new remnant activates its modifiers only after being excavated.

Expedition Map Area

It is easier to think out the root if you open the full map. Then you can clearly see all points of interest and get an idea of how to get all that you want to. When you are ready return to the detonator to activate it.

As we know more details about PoE Expedition league mechanics we will update this post. Thanks for reading!

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