Path of Exile Harvest 3.11 Timeless Keystones Revealed

According to the previously revealed 3.11 patch notes Path of Exile skill tree got changed. Today we will explain the part about Timeless Keystones, where did them old one go and what are the new ones.

We have already mentioned that GGG has balanced passive skills tree in Path of Exile: Harvest 3.11.0 Patch Notes. There we informed about such changes as the addition of new supportive skills like Rage, Unleash, Corpse manipulation, Warcries, Heralds and Banners. But this time let’s have a better look at Timeless Keystones changes.

Old Timeless Jewel Keystones moved to the skill tree

These are one of the main changes regarding jewel keystones. From patch 3.11 the following Timeless Jewel Keystones are added into the core of the passive skill tree:

  • The Agnostic – removes your energy shield and drains mana per second to recover your life while you are not at a full life.
    Maximum Energy Shield is 0
    While not on Full Life, Sacrifice 20% of Mana per Second to Recover that much Life
  • Glancing Blows – grants double both Attack and Spell Block while causing the block to only prevent 50% of the blocked hit’s damage.
    Chance to Block Attack Damage is doubled
    Chance to Block Spell Damage is doubled
    You take 50% of Damage from Blocked Hits
  • Supreme Ego – causes the user to only be able to reserve one aura without a duration, increases your mana reservation amount, and prevents your aura from affecting allies, but makes the aura more powerful.
    You can only have one Permanent Aura on you from your Skills
    Auras from your Skills do not affect Allies
    Auras from your Skills have 50% more Effect on you
    50% more Mana Reserved
  • Wind Dancer – grants you 20% less Damage taken and 40% less Evasion Rating if you haven’t been Hit Recently while granting 20% more Evasion Rating if you have been Hit Recently.
    20% less Damage taken if you haven’t been Hit Recently
    40% less Evasion Rating if you haven’t been Hit Recently
    20% more Evasion Rating if you’ve been Hit Recently
  • Eternal Youth – causes energy shield recharge to apply to life, but halves your life regeneration and life leech.
    50% less Life Regeneration Rate
    50% less maximum Total Recovery per Second from Life Leech
    Energy Shield Recharge instead applies to Life

Note: description of the abilities is taken from Path of Exile Gamepedia.

So if previously you needed to purchase or grind the legion encounter in order to get proper timeless jewels to get the skills listed above, now you can find them in the skill tree and play your favorite build without complications.

New Timeless Keystone Passives Revealed

Therefore, to maintain balance GGG added brand new Timeless Keystones into the game. Further you can read what they do and how to get them.

The Traitor

Is one of the new keystone passives added in 3.11 patch to Path of Exile.

Gain 4 Flask Charges per empty Flask Slot every 5 seconds

It gives you the opportunity to refill your flask faster as it adds passive refill every five seconds.

You can get The Traitor if you insert Brutal Restraint Timeless Jewel with a specific modifier: Denoted service of (500–8000) dekhara in the akhara of Balbala. Any other keystone within the radius of the jewel will change into The Traitor keystone if meet these requirements.

Supreme Ostentation

The new timeless keystone in PoE 3.11 patch.

Ignore Attribute Requirements
Gain no inherent bonuses from Attributes

That means that all attribute requirements will be ignored for all items. In this case, you can wear any item regardless of your strength, intelligence or dexterity. Also, items that give bonuses to attributes won’t count.

But such items as Shaper’s Touch will still give bonuses from the number of the attributes that you have.

You can get Supreme Ostentation if you insert Elegant Hubris Timeless Jewel with a specific modifier: Commissioned (2000-160000) coins to commemorate Caspiro. Any other keystone within the radius of the jewel will change into Supreme Ostentation keystone if meet these requirements.


One of the newly added timeless keystones in Path of Exile 3.11 patch.

Regenerate 3 Rage per second
Increases and Reductions to Mana Regeneration Rate instead apply to Rage Regeneration Rate
Lose 5 Rage when you Hit an Enemy, no more than once every 0.3 seconds

Every second your character will get 3 points to Rage. Moreover, its mana regeneration rate will change Rage regeneration rate. But your rage level will fall every 0.3 seconds by 5 points.

You can get Chainbreaker if you insert Lethal Pride Timeless Jewel with a specific modifier: Commanded leadership over (10000–18000) warriors under Akoya. Any other keystone within the radius of the jewel will change into Chainbreaker keystone if meet these requirements.


Has been added in 3.11 poe patch and can be obtained after using a specific timeless keystone.

Armour applies to Fire, Cold and Lightning Damage taken from Hits instead of Physical Damage

Also met with -5% to all maximum Elemental Resistances mode.

You can get Transcendence if you insert Militant Faith Timeless Jewel with a specific modifier: Carved to glorify (2000-10000) new faithful converted by High Templar Maxarius. Any other keystone within the radius of the jewel will change into Transcendence keystone if meet these requirements.

Immortal Ambition

You can obtain Immortal Ambition keystone after applying a particular timeless jewel into the passive skill tree. It has been added to Path of Exile in the 3.11 patch.

Energy Shield starts at zero
Cannot Recharge or Regenerate Energy Shield
Lose 5% of Energy Shield per second
Life Leech effects are not removed at Full Life
Life Leech effects Recover Energy Shield instead while on Full Life

That means that Immortal Ambition keystone stops Recharge and Regeneration of Energy shield and makes it degenerate by 5% each second. But, on the other hand, when your character has full life Life leech will recover Energy shield instead.

You can get Immortal Ambition if you insert Militant Faith Timeless Jewel with a specific modifier: Bathed in the blood of (100–8000) sacrificed in the name of Ahuana. Any other keystone within the radius of the jewel will change into Immortal Ambition keystone if meet these requirements.

Obtaining Timeless Keystone Passives is not an easy job. You will need to farm endgame content a lot to find Immortal Ambition, for example. But it worth trying if it enhances your build.

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