Tidal Shock, an underwater arena shooter with a shocking twist, has launched!

Set in a neon aquarium, 8 players battle in a classic respawn arena to capture the reactor and shock the competition!

Hamilton, Ontario, May 4th, 2020— Moonray Studios is excited to announce that “Tidal Shock: Early Access” has launched. Tidal Shock is priced at $7.99 USD and has 2 DLC character packs priced at $1.99 USD each. In addition, the Founder’s Pack will get you Tidal Shock and all the skins for $9.99 USD.

Tidal Shock Launch Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pmm9Wpxmpvc&feature=youtu.be

Tidal shock

ARENA SHOOTER— it’s fast-paced, easy to pick up, hard to master and set deep underwater. That’s right, the Tidal Shock arena is submerged and not confined to gravity. Bullets will rain down, snipers will lurk below and attacks can come from any angle. There are respawns but no loadouts – shields, weapons, and charge are pickups that you’ll drop on death. The question is, are you hunting for more or protecting what you have?

SHOCKING TWIST?— Tidal Shock has a winner take all objective. The player who slams 100 charge onto the ever-moving reactor will “tidalshock” the competition and earn a coveted “Charge Cube” (what it does and how it’s used will be revealed as we exit early access).

WHY IS THIS TWIST INTERESTING— Our moving objective (the reactor) creates an in-match economy as players scavenge and fight for the energy capsules required to charge it. Each time the reactor moves, it sparks fast tension-packed clashes as players rush to its new location. Best part: In 60 seconds the reactor switches locations again sparking a new round of clashes until one champ gets 100 charges and “tidalshocks” the arena.


  • 4-8 multiplayer arena with one king of the hill objective
  • 7 aquatic weapons classes with 5 rarity levels
  • Dashes, blocking walls, and a rideable torpedo sled!
  • Balanced for respawning, winner-takes-all tension
  • Free for all matches with all your Steam friends
  • Match stats and leaderboard
  • Flashy taunts!
Tidal Shock, an underwater arena shooter
Tidal Shock


That’s our studio in Ontario, Canada! A ton of talented people have contributed to Tidal Shock and our collective résumé includes games and series like Debris, Starlink: Battle for Atlas, Need for Speed Nitro, Army of Two, X-Men Destiny, Eternal Darkness, Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, Too Human, Dark Legions, and Insurgency. 

For more information, please visit www.moonraystudios.com.

Game Info

Name: Tidal Shock

Genre: Online Underwater Arena Shooter

Developer: Moonray Studios Inc.

Publisher: Moonray Studios Inc.

Platforms: Windows

Release Date: May 4th, 2020

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