Dredgers Review

Dredgers Review

Here is our new indie game review. This time it is Dredgers review. Meet all the detailed explanations of the ratings below.

Gameplay – Dredgers Review

Dredgers is a pixel 2D rogue-like dungeon crawler game. Firstly, the main game feature is an ability to combine classes. From the very beginning of the game you will get 7 primary classes: fighter, archer, scholar, caster, craftsman, leader, and bard.

Dredgers review - Race and Class

On the level 4 you will be able to choose one more class from the list of rank 1 classes. That list depends on the primary class you have chosen. For instance, archer can choose class sniper, ranger, fletcher, grapper or hunter. Moreover, on the 7th level you can choose a second secondary class in addition to two that you’ve chosen on level 1 and 4. Or you can choose one more class from primary list instead and make a combined class.

Dredgers Classes

We find class craftsman of the most interesting ones. It opens an ability to craft new items. In addition you will get new loot of reagents from boxes and other stuff. And of course, you can upgrade craftsman into blacksmith. After that you will get and ability to break items to get reagents and craft even more useful items!

Other Gameplay features

Forget about turn-based style as Dredgers is fully real-time. You will have a task to examine 7 unique zones. And by ‘unique’ we mean that they unlike each other by locations and monsters, who won’t miss a chance to attack you!

Dredgers Zones

Also, we must mention races. Dredgers has 30 different races! And all of them have personal abilities and characteristics. First, you will have 3 races to choose from: human, dwarf and elf. Others you can open with tokens that you can get for completing the game.

Graphics – Dredgers Review

Pixel artwork adds elements of old school to the game. Although, we shouldn’t forget the minuses of pixel graphics.

Dredgers review Graphics

It is not very detailed, which causes confusion – sometimes it is hard to understand whether it is a mob or an element of environment. Besides, dwarf priest will overlay all the screen with his abilities so you will hardly realize what’s going on.

Dredgers Sound

Music and sounds are pretty standard for this genre. Although, too fast music fatigues you soon. Especially, when you try to sort out which class or ability to upgrade and how.

Controls in Dredgers

Classical combination of WASD and mouse. In addition you can bind any active spell on any key. Nevertheless, it doesn’t make it easier to play with melee charters. As it can be hard to understand whether you swung a club correctly or where the mob stands in front of you or behind during the fight.

Dredgers review Controls


Go forward to adventure, but choose your path correctly not to die beforehand – that’s the whole story. But we cannot say it is disadvantage, as storyline is not the main part of the game.

If you liked the game you can visit their Steam page to get it or to read other reviews.

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