Tangledeep Review

Tangledeep is a classical roguelike dungeon crawler game of the 16-bit age. One of its main advantages is that it is extremely accessible and totally polished. Which is really necessary for indie projects nowadays. Moreover, Tangledeep is available on PC, Mac and even Linux.

Tangledeep is an ever-changing labyrinth full of mysteries, danger, and treasure.
Yet it is the only way to reach a world long-forgotten by time
Will you heed the call of adventure and face the challenges that await within?

Tangledeep Gameplay features

One of the most magnificent things about this game is the variety of classes that you can choose to play. As a player, you can experience the way of warriors, mages, summoners, rogues archers, and many other specific classes. You can read about all of them below.

Tangledeep Sword Dancer
Tangledeep Edge Thane
Tangledeep Spellshaper
Tangledeep Soulkeeper
Tangledeep Paladin
Tangledeep Hunter
Tangledeep Floramancer
Tangledeep Budoka
Tangledeep Brigand
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Thanks to such diversity of classes you will never get bored even when you start the game for the fifth time.

Also, we would like to pay your attention to the stats system. Except for classical stats, which can be appropriate class there are also ones that can upgrade your summons, their health or buffs etc.

Tangledeep Stats

This stat is called discipline and we think that it shows a good attitude as such things are really rare in games of this type. So we can say that Tangledeep has a very good RPG system.

Leveling up system

The main uniqueness of leveling up system here is that you level up your stats and abilities separately. By getting new level (through experience points) you can upgrade one of the stats. But abilities you upgrade by job points, which you can get by killing monsters.

Also, each class has passive skills which you get through the game. Besides, these common things you can, also, upgrade your flasks.

Specific gameplay features

Except for different interactive objects, which are presented in the game, or the main plotline with bosses and levels. You can also, find some particular hidden or specific things. For example, it can be a bonus level with its own quests and loot or it can be a pandora’s box.

Tangedeep Pandora Box

By interacting with it a player will get more experience points, job points, and loot but monsters will become stronger as well. Also, you can find different recipes in the locations during exploration. They have a great variety as well so it makes the game more interesting.

If you are interested in this game you can get more information on its official website. And after you’ve tried it share your opinion with us. Let’s discuss.


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