Awesomenauts Review

Awesomenauts: brief review

Hi. Today I’d like to share with you my thoughts on one not very ordinary video game called Awesomenauts. Let me make it clear, Awesomenauts can be called unordinary cause as for MOBA it has pretty interesting and outstanding gameplay. First of all, it’s 2D. But wait with your judgments. Even though it’s not 3D arena you will find it good looking and interesting to play. Just have a look at one of the gameplay screenshots and you’ll understand.


Main principals

As any other MOBA the main idea of Awesomenauts is to destroy your enemy’s base. The team consists of three people. You can find your teammates through the matchmaking, invite from Steam or play in local co-op (split screen) up to three players on the same screen against AI or other players.

Wanted to add that now Ronimo is testing new matchmaking servers that come along with a new matchmaking system and rankings. It’s now in the open beta, so you can check it out on Steam.


The other great thing is that there is a great variety of different maps in Awesomenauts, which by the way have their own features. One of the first ones, for instance, has got a button that opens a hole with a big worm that can eat heroes who stood on the platform under the button. New ones have lots of portals to navigate on a map, fire traps or even spawning object that makes you invisible. But I guess all maps and their special features I’ll describe later in some other article.

Awesomenauts heroes

As you can see in the previous screenshot there are lots of champions in the game and each one is unique. All of them have two abilities and a default attack (the one you make with your weapons). Also, some of the champions have a special movement ability. For example, Lonestar has a double jump and Yuri can fly.


All abilities you need to buy at the start of the game in the shop. You have enough gold to buy two of them or to buy only one and upgrade something else. Such as default attack features or health/movement speed. Anyway, it’s up to you. You can collect gold by gathering it through a map or by killing minions and enemies. But be careful, cause after killing another hero you need to collect the gold yourself.

I’d also like to add that every champion in Awesomenauts has its own role and you really need to collaborate. Don’t think that if you simply stick together you’ll win. Because while three of you try hard one lane an enemy pusher will ruin the other one. Maybe, he will even open your base and you will have very few chances to win then. So, play as a team!


I love this game. I really do. It’s pretty old, though, but Ronimo still improves it and Awesomenauts gets even better every month. I totally recommend you guys to try it.


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