Battleblock Theater Review

Battleblock theater review

What a lovely evening I had yesterday! What can be better than spending a relaxing evening playing a casual game? Nothing! Especially, after a hard day. So, I decided to return to Battleblock theater. Last time I played it I quit cause didn’t manage to get an A on one of the levels. But this time, I was just playing, paying no attention to the score. And that was awesome! I had so much fun guessing the puzzles and I almost felt as a little girl playing on her first console… ??



Battleblock theater is an arcade platformer, where you can play alone or invite friends to play together (both on one PC/Console or on a different one). Also, you can create an online game to play with other random people.

You will play for a paper man who is a cats’ prisoner. Those cats force you to act in their strange theater to finally free yourself.

That was a plot. On practice, all game is divided into chapters with levels you need to pass. Those levels are platform puzzles. First, you will think they are easy, but move on and you’ll realize how tricky and confusing they can be.


Your hero

I also want to pay your attention to the hero you play. The awesome thing you can make him absolutely unique! First of all, you can change his appearance (head and color). At the start of the game, you will have default features, but then you’ll get access to the shop. There you can buy new heads, abilities, and weapons.


Here comes the second great thing! Yes, you can change weapons and you have an ability! So, no need fighting with spare hands. For example, you can show those cats manners with a grenade (or a fireball etc).



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