Banners of Ruin Review

A card game in which one common deck for the entire group of heroes? The developers from MonteBearo were able to bring this to life in their colourful game called Banners of Ruin! Assemble your invincible team and embark on a dangerous adventure through the darkest nooks of Dawn’s Point City.

Banners of Ruin Event

Cute animals that will bite you

The first thing I would like to draw your attention to is the visual component of the game. Our heroes and enemies are represented by different types of animals such as bear, hare, wolf, weasel or beaver. Each of them has unique abilities that are reflected in their fighting styles. This also applies to enemy units – when meeting rats, be prepared to be poisoned with deadly poison!

Banners of Ruin Battle

The developers were not lazy and devoted their efforts to draw the most insignificant details – the movement of characters (even in the hero selection menu), animated events and a memorable entourage of dangerous streets and intersections. Choosing one of the three options for further advancement of your group looks like a real movement around the city, the game has an atmosphere of danger and surprise.

Your undefeated party

As mentioned earlier, the player has one deck and the ability to hire and play several heroes at the same time. If one of them dies, then the rest will use the remaining cards (only those that the deceased character could use are lost). At the same time, squad members have their own levels, weapon cards and talents, which are obtained separately. The maximum level is 8th, and each new level will give you the opportunity to choose talents and passive skills.

Banners of Ruin Character

Weapons and armour can be obtained separately, and you can equip the hero as you like – make him a well-protected warrior, capable of withstanding any onslaught of opponents or a skilful archer who covers your group. Combinations of talents, passive skills and weapons will create a unique character, with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Banners of Ruin Gameplay

Get ready for real challenges! The game does not forgive mistakes, and your group can finish its path very quickly – opponents try to use their skills against you very effectively. It is possible to lose a squad member in one turn, so be prepared to try to beat the game over and over and do not unnecessarily expose your party to hazards.

Banners of Ruin Tokens

If your attempt ended in failure, do not rush to get upset. For each run you get experience and tokens, for which you can open new cards and skills. Experiment and success will surely await you!

The game is already available in Early Access on Steam and despite its status, it is already quite playable and will give the player a lot of exciting hours.

  • Summary
    82Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Stunning artstyle
      • Party-based deckbuilding
      • RNG will kill you very often
      • Lacking content
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