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Two weeks ago we had a little announcement about Before We Leave the upcoming game. So we had the honour to get a key to play it before the official release, thanks again, by the way! First of all, we loved the game. And we are going to tell you some more details further in Before We Leave Review. Reminding you, that an official release of the game is planned in Epic Store for May 8, 2020. Second of all, even though we played it before it is available for all the game looks complete and playing it so much fun.

Gameplay – Before We Leave Review

Before we leave is a strategy city builder. Actually you, will inhabit the whole planet and maybe not one. But let’s call it a city builder. 🙂 Unlike other civilization like strategies Before we leave doesn’t disturb you with fighting for the land or resources. It is your own place to live in. And whether you succeed or not mainly depends on your management.

Before we leave gameplay

You will start from several huts with limited access to technologies. A player can build such primitive buildings as huts, potato fields, wells, woodcutters, and two buildings that will help you explore new technologies: explorers hut and library. Speaking of technologies, there is a good skill tree with decent progression. Moreover, the game is built in such a way that you cannot open all the technologies from the starting point.

Before we leave technologies

As you can see you need some special resources for every technology. Sources of them are limited on the island, moreover, you may have only one of them on one island. That means that in the long run, you must build a ship to find ned territories with the new resources. The same thing is about planets. Your planet may not have the blue scientific points, so sooner or later you’ll have to inhabit a new planet.

But that’s not all. Even after you inhabit a new planet with the need resources you still need to find the way to deliver it to the first planet. Sounds interesting and unusual, isn’t’ it? So only after you find the way to exchange the goods between planets you’ll have the access to the whole tech tree. The major plus is here is that when you open new territories you still have access to all the technologies you’ve opened on the previous continent. But don’t forget to build a library to get access to them.

Before we leave gameplay features

In addition to all the scientific features, you need to become a great manager for your people. There are several things you’ll need to monitor al the time: what do they eat, what do they wear, are there enough resources and whether they are happy. You’ll see the tabs that will help you gather all the information you need to give your subjects all the need for prosperity and happiness.

Graphics and Controls

I loved the graphics. Although, it is very unusual and tricky at first. But after an hour or so you get used to it and you intuitively feel the controls. Nevertheless, I think there is a necessity of adding an option that helps rotate buildings before you build them. Now the process is the following: choose a building and hovering the location where you want to build it. But sometimes it is difficult to hover the hexagons you want. If there was a rotate button, the process would be much easier.

Before we leave gameplay planet

But the most fascinating thing is the planetary view. You can see how The Sun lightens some parts of your planet while others become dark. It’s like you are a titan watching its dominion. Magnificent.

Sound and Narrative

There is not much to tell you about these categories. As for the sound, it is relaxing and fits the game perfectly. Personally, I like in city builders when you can hear some bubbling of the little people. Which you can do in Before we leave.

As for the narrative, it is simple. I would even say primitive. Your people had to move underground and lived there for a long period of time. And now they are coming back to the surface. So that they explore the leftovers of the past. In any case, the storyline is not something you need in a sandbox.

That’s it for now, but we are going to share with you Before We Leave Gameplay Video very soon!

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    • Gameplay
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    • Controls
      • Wide scientific tree
      • An interesting system of people's happiness
      • It can be tricky to get used to the controls and map at first
      • After several planets gameplay becomes repeatable
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